Red Cross reminds you to have your disaster plan for tornado season

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DENVER -- As tornadoes continue to rip through the Midwestern part of the country, the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross is reminding Rocky Mountain residents to have a plan, in case a twister drops along the Front Range, again.

Tornadoes, over the past 5-6 years in Windsor and near the Southlands Mall in Aurora, are still fresh in the minds of many who live in metro Denver and along the Front Range.

The Red Cross wants people to remember to have an action plan and emergency bag ready for both home and work.

The Red Cross sells a crank-controlled radio/flashlight that also runs on sunlight.  The radio sells for $30.


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  • Robert Gift

    The area under our basement stair landing, which is against the west concrete wall, is our tornado shelter. It appears to be the strongest part of our house.
    We have stored cases of bottled water, which we circulate through, and have tab-opened cans of food. We also have our old cell phones with charged batteries and LED flashlights, toilet paper and soap and plastic garbage bags for warmth, water protection, and human waste.

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