Poll: Colorado residents believe marijuana legalization good for state

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DENVER — Nearly four months after recreational marijuana use became legal in Colorado, residents believe it has been good for the state, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday morning.

Fifty-two percent said marijuana legalization has been good for Colorado, with 38 percent saying it hasn’t and 10 percent unsure. When it comes to driving, 54 percent said marijuana legalization has not made roads less safe, while 39 percent said it has.

Republicans (63 percent to 28 percent) and voters 65 and older (62 percent to 28 percent) say legalized marijuana has been bad for the state.

Other highlights of the poll: Legalized marijuana will save the state and taxpayers money (53 percent to 41 percent); legalized marijuana will have a positive impact on the criminal justice system (50 percent to 40 percent); legalized marijuana “increases personal freedoms in a positive way” (53 percent to 44 percent); and legalized marijuana has not “eroded the moral fiber” of those in the state (67 percent to 30 percent).

“Colorado voters are generally good to go on grass, across the spectrum, from personal freedom to its taxpayer benefits to its positive impact on the criminal justice system,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll.

While 49 percent of those polled said they’ve tried marijuana, only 15 percent admitted using it since it became legal Jan. 1.

The poll was conducted by phone from April 15-21 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 points.



  • Codswallop Hogwash

    This just shows how many stupid people we have in Colorado.
    Legalization is the dumbest and most damaging thing Colorado has ever done.
    And this long time resident is leaving as soon as I can set it up

    • Kevin Hunt

      @ cokswallow: Please leave Colorado as soon as possible. Rest assured that when you settle in your new home, there will be people in your neighborhood using pot regardless of its legal or illegal status. War on drugs is a joke.

      • Codswallop Hogwash

        You people need to get your heads out of your rears.
        These are not harmless drugs. They can do incredible damage.
        There are a risk to children.
        But you could give a red rat’s rear.
        Perhaps you have already smoked too much.

    • Samuel Hulin

      Leave. Leave now. We have no tolerance for your kind, here. I am a native so I think I have more authority here than your “long time” resident status. Leave. Leave now. Need a Greyhound ticket? I’ll buy it for you.

      • Codswallop Hogwash

        Samuel, you have been smoking this junk far too long, and it shows.
        You should go see a doctor, though it is probably too late.
        You will probably end up dead behind a steering wheel. Hopefully no one else will be affected.

  • quickdraw53

    how about you take this poll about a year from now when you find out how many kids are caught with pot products at school or that are using pot products. there is no way they can get a real poll after just 4 months. lets get a year of pot smokers that drive or even worse pot smokers that work around us and put us in danger. what about the kids that will be effected by pot. how much tax money is enough to lose a bunch of kids to pot. i know of 2 4th graders that have been arrested for having pot products for sell at school. the list goes on and on and will be a lot worse a year from now

    • Duncan Wallace

      The problem with quickdraw53’s “reasoning” is that Colorado became a medicinal cannabis State in 2000. At that time we were treated to the same hysterical rhetoric that quickdraw53 is regurgitating. There’s just no valid evidence supporting the lame claims of the Ignorati and a couple of boatloads of evidence that says that quickdraw53 is lost in fantasy land.

      Parents and physicians concerned about an increase in adolescents’ marijuana use following the legalization of medical marijuana can breathe a sigh of relief. According to a new study that compared 20 years worth of data from states with and without medical marijuana laws, legalizing the drug did not lead to increased use among adolescents.

      • dougsmith42

        The news chooses to report whatever they want, and never the real facts in their entirety. I feel duped, or should I say ‘doped’. We all are smarter than them, I hope.

      • Codswallop Hogwash

        Medical reports show incredible damage caused by smoking or eating Marijuana.
        The trouble is it appeals to people too stupid to realize how dumb it is to use it. I assume that means the damage doesn’t make so much difference.

  • dougsmith42

    90% of the folks that live here have been smoking pot long before legalization. Why not include this in your report. Are you an anti-drug, democrat, Chuck?

  • colocaver

    Legal Pot / Hemp / Weed is just good old traditional American values!

    Just ask George or one of our other founding fathers about it! Sure they made lots of paper, rope and textiles from the stems and fiber; but the herb has been smoked, extracted and cooked with for millenia.

    Marajuana never was “illegal” in the United States until Big Tobacco $$ got involved, demonized it, and eventually our representatives criminalized it. Weed was legal during Abolishion and we all know how well that worked!

    This isn’t a right or left issue – this was a choice made by the people and was not sponsored by any specific political faction – enacted by the people by popular vote, unlike much other contested legislation of late.

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