Number of explosions from hash oil extraction growing rapidly

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DENVER -- The lure of illegal profits is leading to a rash of fiery explosions sparked by people trying to extract hash oil from marijuana. That's according to metro Denver fire officials.

With one marijuana plant raking in profits of up to $3,500, marijuana inspectors say they're seeing more illegal operations popping up across the metro area.

And with that comes more fires. At least eight in Denver this year with seven more suspected.

The fires are started from the extremely volatile butane gas that's used during the oil extraction process.

"People don't realize that when they're doing this they're standing in that cloud of vapor and any type of ignition source from a spark from a light switch or a refrigerator pilot light anything like that can cause that ignition source," says Denver Fire Department spokesman Mark Watson.

Investigators say because of the large number of "do it yourself" video constantly posted on YouTube that are supposed to show how to extract hash oil from pot, they fear this trend will continue with certainly dangerous and potentially deadly consequences.



  • Ann Pirie

    Hello out there . . . in this short amount of time, don’t tell me you don’t know how dangerous this potentially deadly activity is. Oh, I guess they don’t do the news, those who do these things.

  • coloradocommish

    Interestingly absent here, are comments from those who still think that Colorado is “better off” since the legalization of this hallucinagenic drug.

    “What’s a few explosions, a few deaths, a few kids with neurologic impairment…. as long as I can purchase and smoke my weed… collateral damage is just part of the equation.”

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