House fire near Denver Country Club attributed to hash oil operation

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A viewer submitted a picture of flames coming out of a home at 40 N. Clarkson St. in Denver on Monday, April 28, 2014. (Credit: Viewer submitted)

DENVER — Firefighters knocked down a fire that started in the basement of a home near Denver Country Club on Monday morning that was attributed to a hash oil operation.

The Denver Fire Department said the fire at 40 N. Clarkson St. was out in about 10 minutes and there were no injures.

Arson investigators were called to the scene to investigate the cause, which DFD said was because of a hash oil operation.

DFD says it’s the eighth known hash oil operation fire it has responded to and it suspects seven other hash oil fires but have yet to confirm them.



  • Ann Pirie

    Why would this address be neared to the Denver Country Club. Perhaps meaning in the quadrant of the city. I dread. more than ever, thinking what causes fires now days.

  • Alyssa McMorrow

    This is not even the correct address. It’s actually 36 Clarkson Street. I should know – I grew up in this house and my grandmother lived there for almost 50 years. Very sad to see what the owner has done to it. I have a lot of good memories in that house.

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