Police seek fondling suspect in DU assault

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DENVER -- A campus security alert at the University of Denver.

A woman was allegedly fondled in an area near campus while walking with another student.

It happened at around 3:30 in the morning on Saturday on East Evans between Josephine and Columbine streets.

A DU spokesperson said the students were surprised by the man.

"Some guy jumped out and confronted them groped the female student and then ran away," said Will Jones, External Communications Manager for DU.

"That's so scary. When you're with a friend you don't think something like that could happen," said Shayna Tillmon, who lives in the neighborhood.

Many also can't believe it occurred in a neighborhood where families and students live.

"There's just always students walking around here," said Olivia Dehaven, who lives nearby.

Students said they heard about the sexual assault through campus email.

University officials encourage those in the area to be on guard because it is already a security concern.

"There had been trouble in that area. We've been keeping an eye on it, the Denver police have been keeping an eye on it.... We've been working with the city to make sure the lighting is great over there," Jones said.

But, some students wonder if this extra security is enough especially after the recent assault.

"I think it would be nice to have a little bit more security especially at night," said Dehaven.

DU officials said the suspect involved in the assault is Hispanic with short, dark hair. He is about 5'5" and was last seen wearing khaki pants and a blue button down shirt. If you know someone who matches this description call police.


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  • Jeff Bender

    Not smart to be walking around at 3:30 in the morning in ANY neighborhood. This happens at that time of the morning. Take a taxi, bus or call a friend. Call mommy, do NOT be walking around that time of night. Obviously you flunked COMMON SENSE classes, so take the class over again.

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