Hash oil explosion injuries 1, prompts removal of children from home

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- A hash oil explosion rocked a Littleton townhouse Saturday night, hospitalizing one man and prompting social services to remove two children from the home.

The explosion was reported about 8:41 p.m. in the 6700 block of South Independence Street, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said. Emergency personnel found that someone had been cooking hash in the kitchen of the structure, causing an explosion and minor fire.

A man was hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries, police said. His girlfriend and two children were unhurt. The children, ages 3 years and eight months, were removed from the parents’ custody.

No charges have yet been filed, but the injured man could be charged with arson and child endangerment after he recovers, police said.



  • Kevin Snyder

    Hash is not cooked. Butane is used as a solvent, and when done in an enclosed space, often ignites by pilot lights or other heat sources. Putting marijuana in the oven does not cause an explosion.Filling your home with explosive gases DOES cause explosions.

  • ASH: Samuel Walter (@swalter718)

    This is what happens when people who failed 8th grade science suddenly think they’re qualified to use volitile solvents in the practice of biological extraction. If you insist on making your own BHO instead of buying from an experienced extract artist or retail outlet, take it outside! Under no circumstances should you be blasting ‘tane indoors! But seriously, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t pretend you do. You’re risking serious injury or death, and you’re giving the industry a bad name.

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