Woman posts about ‘Happy’ song on Facebook before dying in car crash

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A North Carolina woman may have been posting to her Facebook page before crashing her vehicle and dying as a result of the accident.

According to FOX8, Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, crossed the median on a roadway in High Point, N.C. Thursday morning, and collided head-on with a truck.

Investigators told the news station friends and family of Sanford said the victim posted about the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” to her Facebook page around the same time as the fatal accident.

The post read, “The happy song makes me HAPPY!”

High Point Police Department Lt. Chris Weisner said the Facebook post occurred around 8:33 a.m. and police received a call about the accident at approximately 8:34 a.m.

Police said the impact of the two vehicles caused the truck to veer off the road and into a tree. Sanford’s car also ran off the road, after which it caught fire.

The truck driver, identified by police as 73-year-old John Wallace Thompson, was not injured.

Investigators told FOX8 that, after looking back at Sanford’s online activity, they discovered she was also posting selfies while she drove.

Weisner said, “In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy.”



  • Robert Gift

    How sad. Could not wait for a red traffic signal or stopped traffic?

    Driver texting drifted right and would have hit our SUV on his right had I not evaded right and slowed.
    What was worse is that he had a passenger who could have texted for the idiot.

      • Robert Gift

        ^ It’s perfectly OK to text when stopped at a RED traffic signal.
        When cross-traffic has stopped you can know that you may soon get a green signal and not hold anyone up.

      • Jillian Hadley (@Cheatara)

        exactly, you need to stay aware of what is going on around you even if you are stopped. You do not text, or update facebook, while driving, no matter where you are or what you are doing during that part of your drive, end of discussion.

      • Larry Moore (@Larry_Moe)

        At least she died Happily. Why do we let a few idiots ruin it for the rest of us. When it comes to gadgets and driving…. how many gadgets do police officers have in their vehicles? How many do they use while driving?

      • Susan Creger

        I so agree! I cant believe when Im at a stop light.. I look to my left..person on the phone.. I look to my right..someone is texting!! UNBELIVABLE!!!!!! Just cant stay off the freakin phone.. Im glad I dont find myself needing to be on all the time..

    • dougsmith42

      Way to teach the I D I OT S of the world what not to do. I REALLY enjoy being the 2nd car to turn left only to sit through a 2nd light because the clown in front of me too busy Facebooking. GET OFF YOUR PHONE WHILE YOU DRIVE.

      • Robert Gift

        Note: “When cross-traffic has stopped you can know that you may soon get a green signal and not hold anyone up.”
        Same as other things one does while waiting for a green signal.

        Many do not know that they may turn left AFTER their red signal when they are first in line.
        Before, we.re even permitted to proceed forward and complete our left turn from the middle of the intersection when our signal turned red and stopped opposing traffic.

      • Ann Pirie

        RobertGift . . . for one who teaches students to accelerate on yellow rather than gently begin a stop, I find it hard to read your very lenient comments about how to drive!

      • Robert Gift

        ^ I have never taught to accelerate on YELLOW.
        Such wastes fuel and generates more pollution.
        Acceleration also cannot accomplish much in that short of a time/distance.

        Yellow is the inteval which allows decision:
        – If too close to stop for the impending RED signal, continue on.
        – If far enough away to slow and stop, slow and stop.

    • Matt Henzel

      I’m pretty sure the truck driver was harmed. Maybe not obvious, but the fact that he is older and was involved in a car accident probably caused some undo stress on his heart.

      Also having to deal with being involved in an accident that took another person’s life can be tough, I would imagine.

  • Scallywagandvagabond (@ScallywagNYC)

    Define bitter irony? Some commentators have argued for more laws but what we probable need is for people that have some common sense. You’re driving an automobile, you should be focused on that and nothing else.

    The driver had obviously had been texting while driving many times before, so that leaves fate to answer the question: There are two types of texting drivers- those who have been in an accident and those who are going to be. Which one are you?


  • Birgit Sommer

    10 minutes on the road and I counted 5 people that were texting while driving. People don’t get it and put everyone else in danger too. I am not sure what it takes, but tougher laws and enforcing them would be a good start.

    • Mary Smith

      In order to tell they were texting, you had to take your eyes off the road significantly enough to discern that this was precisely what they were doing, unless you noticed this while you were stopped and they were either stopped or going very slowly. People crash cars when they take their eyes off the road–and this includes looking at other drivers–which is what you should NOT be doing (unless you’re dead stopped)!!!!

      • Robert Gift

        ^ Incorrect. You can glance and see enough and return your vision to the road ahead. Little difference than checking your rearview mirror which should be done frequently and glancing around to be aware of other vehicles around you for situational awareness.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Do you not look at the device and read what it posted before transmitted to ensure that your speech is correctly understood?
      Or does it say to you what it will text?

    • Mary Smith

      The talk-to-text feature doesn’t completely solve the problem. Do you really believe your concentration on the road isn’t slightly compromised while you’re talking into your phone, even though your eyes are on the road, when compared to when you’re NOT thinking about talking to that special someone or whoever else is SO important that you can’t wait till you get to your destination to send them a message? Who must you talk to who’s that important–the new sainted Popes?

  • Mary Smith

    This enrages me. Do people think they are SOOOOOOO BLOODY IMPORTANT that everyone wants to know how a song makes them feel? Or see selfies of them while driving? Do YOU think you’re THAT Important…SOOOO important that you can’t wait till your car is stopped before posting how a song makes you feel? This woman died for her EGO.

    I see people like this at the gym. Last night a man had the barbell loaded but for FIFTEEN minutes was pacing around it while he YAKKED LOUDLY into his handless cellphone and used flamboyant hand/arm movements. This self-important idiot looked like he was talking to himself. I bet he posts to FB while driving. IDIOTS!

    • Ann Pirie

      You are absolutely spot on. It is a true sign of narcissism that anyone be so important as to have to visit right now while endangering yours and others’ lives.

  • Robert Gift

    Jill says: “exactly, you need to stay aware of what is going on around you even if you are stopped. You do not text, or update facebook, while driving, no matter where you are or what you are doing during that part of your drive, end of discussion.”

    You mean, ‘end of thinking’.

    Exactly what are you going to do while stopped, seated, for a red signal?
    Both hands on the wheel staring forward at the vehicle ahead?

    Good to be always situationally aware, but you can do other things, too.
    Texting while stopped does not mean blocking everything else out.

  • Jimmy R. Taylor

    It does me sad that even with the passing of laws we still have people who think they can multitask while driving. I have seen a lot of people text while driving and causing accidents and even be at a red light texting and role out into traffic and getting hit. A friend of mine just about lost his life texting at a red light and rolled into on coming traffic. The worst was the other vehicle had a 6 month old child die in that accident.
    So those who say it’s ok to text while at the red light need to re-think about doing it. The word is if you text while driving or at a red light you are putting yourself and others in Grave danger.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Too stupid to keep foot on brake while texting?
      Too stupid to be driving.
      So sorry about the child
      Was the 6-month-old secured in a baby seat? Difficult to understand how it would be killed at a signaled intersection collision, especially if its vehicle broadsided the other vehicle.

  • Steffanie

    Something so meaningless caused
    a tragedy. This really doesn’t surprise me because every day when I drive to work I see someone
    texting and driving. :( That needs to change.

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