Korean War veteran gets help fixing up his home

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DENVER -- Volunteers said thank you to some veterans through their tools and their time Saturday when dozens helped four homeowners with some extensive home repairs.

Wiley McClain, one of those homeowners, has 84 years of memories and more than 30 of them have been spent in his North Park Hill home.

"All pictures to me is very important,” Wiley said.

Pictures were something he could still cling to when he recently had to move in with his daughter, Pat McClain.

"He worked hard for his home and it had just gotten to where it was getting to be too much," Pat said.

But thanks to volunteers from Rebuilding Together Metro Denver (RTMD), Wiley, a Korean War Veteran, was able return to the home he worked so hard for.

RTMD CEO Kathryn Arbour said, "Folks like Wiley, who served their country, worked hard, have been part of a community and, as life gets harder and harder to manage, that's when we step in."

They ripped up dangerous carpet, fixed trip hazards, sanded and even installed grab bars in the bathroom adding all kinds of things so Wiley can still enjoy independent living.

After all, he still has plenty to share.

"I haven't changed a whole lot in life. When I look at my waistline, it still looks pretty good," Wiley said.

Good is exactly how his home will look and certainly how all the volunteers felt.

"They go home at the end of the day and say, 'My gosh, I haven't spent a day like this in a long time where I feel so good at the end of a Saturday,” Arbour said.

Wiley was thankful.

He said, "It makes me feel good. It makes me feel awfully good."

This is the 14th year Rebuilding Together Metro Denver has joined in on National Rebuild Day, an annual event that happens around the country.

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