Governor signs bill requiring extended salvage disclosure on cars

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DENVER — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a new bill into law Friday that requires a more extensive history report on cars that have been wrecked and repaired to drive-able be made available to consumers, according to the Denver Business Journal.

Prior to this legislation, the law only required vehicles less than six years old to have a salvage brand on their title if they had been totaled in an accident and then rebuilt to return to the roads.

House Bill 1299, which was sponsored by state Rep. Max Tyler, D-Lakewood, would extend this requirement to every vehicle registered in Colorado.

While insurers opposed the bill, stating that cars carrying extended salvage brands on their titles would hurt low-income buyers, car dealers showed strong support.

Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association executive director Todd O’Connell told the Denver Business Journal Hickenlooper’s approval of the bill was cause for celebration.

“It’s a true consumer victory,” he said. “Now the playing field will be leveled and people who buy older used vehicles will get the same protection as people who get newer ones.”



  • Snarky Cosmos

    For once I can agree with a Demorrhoid bill. I used to work with a guy whose nickname was “Chopshop Charlie.” His sideline was to buy “smashers” at the local auctions, “fix” them up, launder the title in Texas, and then sell them to unsuspecting people.

  • colocaver

    Totally stupid – so since these “newer” cars can’t hold their value, and no competent technicians keep these post-2000 MY vehicles “restored” because they are flimsy, overpriced. and degrade quickly, when your stupid 2007 car lightly hits something and destroys a $3,500 piece of bumper facia and styrofoam, and costs $5,900 to repair paint and labor included, your $4500 car is totalled and you take the hit on the resale – Insurance is going to give you bottom-dollar blue book TRADE IN value with all the deductions they can take, which is a value the dealership only wishes they could mandate on too!

    More Libtard ignorance destroying a once great American auto industry! Whether it’s emission laws, organized labor, “Cash for Clunkers” etc… What a JOKE America has become in 50 years when we abandoned our standards and values!

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