CSP cracks down on drunk-driving, speeding with new enforcement campaign

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Throughout the weekend, there's a good chance you'll be seeing or hearing from a state trooper either on the roads or online.

There are nearly twice as many Colorado state troopers on the road than during a normal weekend, and many of them are reminding drivers about it on social media.

The name of the enforcement effort is "Zero Fatalities, Zero Tolerance."

Every available trooper is patrolling across Colorado during the weekend to help catch speeding and drunk driving before the behavior turns deadly.

"Every single trooper, from the chief down, is out on the road," said trooper Josh Lewis.

FOX31 Denver found that out first hand.

Our cameras rolled as a CSP Major, made a rare traffic stop that led to an arrest.



    • Vincent Wolf

      Not a valid safety issue? If one is operating a vehicle without a license it’s because previous habits of speeding or accidents have caused him to lose said license and that is indicative of a bad driver. Get a life.

      • Robert Gift

        Where does one “get a life”?
        There are many who drive just fine without valid licenses.
        I knew of one who never renewed his license after 1972.
        He drives more carefully than everyone just so there will be no police contact. I confronted “What if someone hits you?”

  • dougsmith42

    So instead of 1 trooper, there are 2 troopers? Keep up the good work. I drove about 500 miles around Denver and the suburbs on both the interstate and local roads, including foothill roads yesterday & have yet to see either one.

  • Jennifer Taylor Dodson

    On a stretch from Colorado Springs, via I25, to the Boulder Turnpike, we noticed AT LEAST a dozen. Although it seemed a little excessive, should The State of Colorado “expect” this going forward?

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