Residents want the volume turned down at some Red Rocks concerts

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MORRISON, Colo. -- People who live near Red Rocks Amphitheater say booming base from EDM - electronic dance music shows - is invading their homes, rattling the windows and the walls.

They're tired of being able to "feel" the music in their homes more than they can hear it. "It's like the earth is shaking. It's vibrating. The pictures are moving on the wall," Gerry Smith says.

A number of residents met Friday with the mayor of Morrison, Trustees and Jefferson County Commissioners.

They discussed how to deal with the booming bass.

The city of Denver, which owns Red Rocks Park, implemented new rules that went into effect January 1. The new rules require the volume to go down at midnight and shows to be finished by 12:30 a.m.

Performers will be fined up to $10,000 for volume and curfew violations.

The mayor of Morrison expressed concern on the behalf of residents about enforcement of the new rules.

Jefferson County Commissioners will be visiting Red Rocks in May to analyze the noise at the next EDM concert to see if the rules are working.



    • n765dg

      Let’s look at this a little deeper. Redrocks opened in 1906 the same your Morison became a town. In June of 1991 Clarence Smith bought the lot that Gerry Smith (65+) now has a house on. The lot was quit claimed to Geraldine in 1994 and a house was built on 1995. Looks like the mortgage was paid off in 1997 (Nice). Now this is where it gets interesting. In January of this year, the house was put in a trust. (This is usually a way to give a house to your heir without paying taxes on it,) valued at 550,000+. Now Gerry is complaining about noise from a stage 1.53 miles from his house. Who’s next? Bandamere is 1.26 miles and the gravel pit is only .64 miles. I don’t like EDM, but the music I like might be next, yours to. Complain about this complainer.

      • n765dg

        Where do I even talk about the first house in Morrision? Please work on your reading comprehension skills. You have just shown you have very little.

        Prejudice: noun: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

        The only way you can construe that I am prejudice is that I disagree with people that start complaining about something that was there way before they were. But I have a reason and I do have actual experience, which would rule that out

    • Alex Lopez

      LOL didn’t even notice till you said so. But if the fine is only 10,000 dollars and red rocks fits 9,450 people, I would totally pitch in 10-20 bucks extra to go all night. ;) And I am sure many people would as well

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