FOX31 Investigation looks at why repeat DUIs are not considered felonies

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DENVER -- A FOX31 Denver investigation to air Thursday at 9 p.m. explores why Colorado is one of five states where habitual drunk driving is not a felony.

According to state representative Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, about 130 people died in Colorado last year as a result of alcohol-related crashes.

Driving drunk is considered a misdemeanor in Colorado, which means the maximum punishment is just one year in county jail.

“So if you get your first DUI, your 5th DUI, your 10th DUI or your 20th DUI, the maximum penalty is one year in county jail,” Waller said.

For about 9 months, our Heidi Hemmat has investigated this issue. Her special report will look at why convicted DUI offenders are allowed to keep driving.

She interviewed the mother of a young woman killed by a habitual drunk driver, who says the state legislature needs to act.

We'll also show you a solution that could hold repeat drunk drivers accountable and hopefully stop them from harming any other Colorado families.

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