Alleged impersonator says it’s a misunderstanding, claims to be ‘bounty hunter’

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Leslie Simpson, who is charged with impersonating a peace officer, had his first court appearance on Thursday, April 24, 2014.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The man who was arrested last week in Englewood on suspicion of impersonating a police officer said Thursday it’s a big misunderstanding and that he’s actually a bounty hunter.

Leslie Simpson, 36 of Denver, made a court appearance Thursday after he was arrested April 18 when officers responded to a call that he was identifying himself as an officer in the 3200 block of South Broadway.

According an affidavit, Simpson approached a vehicle occupied by two people who were in the area to serve civil papers. Simpson allegedly pulled out a gold badge that resembled a police badge and said, “I’m a police officer. You need to leave now and you need to get out of here right now.”

READ: Leslie Simpson affidavit

An officer who was dispatched wrote in the affidavit that he asked Simpson if he had shown the two his badge. After pausing, he said “Yes.”

Simpson is charged with impersonating a peace officer. His bond was set at $2,000.


Leslie Simpson says he’s a bounty hunter. (Credit: Leslie Simpson)

Outside of court, Simpson showed a picture and claims he is a bounty hunter. He says he and his partner “bring fugitives to justice that skip out on bail on their bond and we go out and arrest them for justice.”

Simpson said he feels his “name is being slandered”

Simpson’s rap sheet shows he was arrested two months ago for pretending to be a police officer in Denver. That case is still pending.

Records show Simpson, 36, is no stranger to the criminal justice system. He has been arrested 40 times for a number of felonies, including burglary, assault and theft. In February, police arrested him in Denver for a weapons violation and pretending to be an officer.

Police don’t believe Simpson is connected to other cases related in the Denver metro area. In the past month, fake traffic stops in Parker, Aurora and Sheridan have been reported to police. All three involved women and they all got away.



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