Colorado astronaut goes on spacewalk outside Space Station

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An astronaut from Colorado had quite an adventure Wednesday. He went on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

Steve Swanson and his partner, Rick Mastracchio completed a repair spacewalk on Wednesday without a hitch. The 2.5 hour mission was designed to replace a broken computer and trim some dangling lanyards which were covering a couple of exterior hatches.

“There are 45 computers on the orbiting space lab. Twelve of them are outside the International Space Station. our task today was to take a broken one out and put a new one in,” said Swanson of Steamboat Springs. “We didn’t need a lot of time, as the process was kind of simple, except you’re in space.”

For Mastracchio this was walk number nine and the fifth for Swanson. Both say they love walking in space and seeing the universe unfold below and all around them. This short mission was unlike many which usually last about six hours.

After their walk the pair answered questions for youngsters at a couple of Colorado schools. NASA has yet to say when the two will return to earth.

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