Neb. law officials: Colo. should help cover cost of local drug enforcement

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska law officers have expressed frustration with the increasing cases of drug enforcement since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana on Jan. 1.

Officers across the border in Colorado’s neighboring state are upset that Nebraska taxpayers are left with the expense of  jailing, prosecuting and defending people arrested on possession of pot brought over from Colorado, according to the Omaha World-Herald. Rather, law enforcement suggested Colorado taxpayers foot the bill.

While medicinal and recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, it is still considered an illegal substance, as mandated by federal law, in Nebraska and the other six states surrounding Colorado.

Adam Hayward, a Deuel County Sheriff in Chappell, Neb., told the Omaha World-Herald that while politicians in Lincoln are hesitant to get involved with the debate, some local law enforcement officials are talking about making Colorado responsible for these financial ramifications.

“I don’t know what it will take to get someone to stand up and do something to try to get some of our money back,” said Hayward.

Attorney General Jon Bruning also commented on the issue. He couldn’t can’t confirm whether or not the state will take Colorado to court. But he said that Colorado’s change in law is creating problems for Nebraska, so he wouldn’t rule it out.

Despite laws restricting people from transporting Colorado pot over state borders, Nebraska authorities said it’s a problem as Interstate 80 appears to be an easy transit route for those moving marijuana out of Colorado.

Anthony Schutz, an associate professor at the University of Nebraska College of Law in Lincoln, told the Omaha World-Herald there may be other options than suing, like getting Colorado to share some of the marijuana tax revenue.

Another option, he said, would be for the federal government to shut down recreational pot sales across the nation.

Colorado Rep. Amy Stephens, a Republican from Monument, proposed legislation to provide financial aid to bordering states, reported the Omaha paper. However, the bill never made it out of the General Assembly’s House Appropriations Committee.



  • E.C. (@essieclovington)

    Maybe if your officers would quit pulling over every car with Colorado plates, your force would be used more effectively and your costs would be lower. I suppose you want to go after Wyoming for their fireworks too?

  • Deb Bialik Schmidt

    Maybe worry about other, more important offenders…like murderers and child molesters….and YES…those that are transporting a HUGE amount….but the piddly offenders that have a little bit…what a waste of taxpayers dollars to charge and prosecute those people….WAKE UP AMERICA!!! It’s there, it’s be used and it’s not going anywhere….get your heads out of the sand and embrace it! I don’t even use it and I can’t understand what the hell is taking so long for this country to wake up!

  • Joe Martinez

    F*** them!!! they want a part of our taxes for themselves when they go to schools, substance abuse, infrastructure just to name a few. whey sales are made here, the person behind the counter after seeing their ID tells them that the sale CANNOT cross state lines, if they do it that’s the problem of the buyer and their state law, Colorado is not Shanghaiing these people and forcing marijuana on them and transporting them back and dropping them in their squad cars, its the people that are doing this, they know their law, and THEY chose to break it!!!

  • Ryan Tate

    Colorado finally realized that this is a battle that is costing far too much money and putting a lot of good people who need help in jail. If only Nebraska wasn’t asleep at the wheel they would realize fighting petty marijuana offenses is a never ending money well to taxpayers. Stop complaining Nebraska you choose to ban it and it comes at a cost $$$$$ and manpower.

  • Johnny Zimmerman

    What about all the money they’re raising off fines and court costs from the increased amount of people they’re busting, after all it’s such an effective method of law enforcement to bust, convict, fine or jail marijuana users.They should have a state logo of “NEBRASKA Where Crystal Meth is barely prosecuted, but Marijuana is a harmful drug”

  • Bolivar Shagnasty

    Hey Nebraska; When your Husker fans come out here to Colorado for football games and such, we’re going to need a little extra cash from the taxpayers in Nebraska to help offset the cost of having to patrol non-residents of Colorado!, We need money to make sure that they don’t get too drunk and disorderly. Thanks!

    • Ann Pirie

      Because of all the damage that Nebraska fans DO cause when they come to Colorado, why haven’t we thought of billing Nebraska for wrecking havoc on our beautiful state.

  • Harold Seaward

    Nebraska Law Enforcement- give your citizens a break, have you seen what your state has to offer? Have you seen what it looks like? If anyone in the country needs a release, it’s Nebraskans.

  • Glen Manna

    There is a special place in hell for pigs that lock their fellow man in cages for something as silly as possession of a natural medicinal herb. Gonna burn for all eternity, I’d wager.

  • Jill Shearburn-persinos

    Okay, the real culprits here are the members of the National Governers Association…one of the tentacles of Koch Brothers Privateering Octopus. They are pushing to find reasons to justify new laws at the local level through ALEC. This is an example of working through local government to make sweeping changes in laws nationally.

  • Robert Newman

    GREED! Nebraska police receives tax payer money to fight the war on drugs. They also receive funds to jail and imprison those caught in possession of marijuana . They get $30,000.00 a year to house, clothe and care for an inmate $70,000.00 a year if your doing life..Dont think they’ll be giving that up any time soon.Heres a thought .. Turn your head , dont waste your time or the courts time on peddy bust. Heres a fact.. If you search my car , you better have probable cause, or I’ll sue your ugly state for profiling.

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