Woman says 3 dogs busted into her house, attacked her and 2 pets

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DENVER -- After being mauled by her neighbor's dogs, a Denver woman is urging animal control to continue to quarantine three animals.

The incident happened Saturday night in Southwest Denver and the victim told KDVR she feels lucky to be alive.

The dogs, believed to be a pit bull and two mastiffs, were under quarantine Monday at the Denver Animal Shelter and will remain there for at least ten days.

Shirley Croffard is in a lot of pain. The attack left her bloodied and bruised and she has bandages all over her body.

"Honestly I thought I was going to die. I was screaming so loud I just wanted somebody to come and help me," she says.

Compared to what happened to her two dogs, she feels lucky. Her pets have stitches and bites after the mauling.

"It was just like watching a movie. They just came running out ... they came running right into the living room," Croffard says.

While the attack inside the home took place, a neighbor who lives across the street heard her screaming. Al Garcia ran into her house and pulled the dogs off of her. She believes his actions may have saved her life.

Garcia says he couldn't help but jump in to stop the attack. "Her whole face was covered in blood and her shirt and pants were covered in blood. It was like a nightmare."

FOX31 Denver tried to reach the owner of the three dogs, but no one answered the door.

Croffard worries that if the dogs do return, they'll attack again. But she worries most for the kids in the neighborhood who might not be able to fight back.

"You have to be responsible for your animals," she says.



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