WATCH: Moose confronts two snowmobilers in Maine

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JACKMAN, Maine — A moose confronted two snowmobilers in Maine before running off into the woods.

It appears at first the men are chasing the moose on their snowmobiles, but they claim on their YouTube posting they were not. The moose makes a run at one of the men, who about two minutes in fires a shot. A few moments later, the moose runs off.

One of the men writing under “snowboatatv” on YouTube posted: “Ok, posting the original version again since people have started to comment that we’re trying to hide things on purpose. That’s not true; we have nothing to hide. I edited this video earlier because it was clear that a lot of people have no idea at all what they are watching, were completely misinterpreting it, and were very rude to us as a result.

“Contrary to what some people think, we WERE NOT chasing this moose; it had come out onto the trail and we followed it expecting it to get off the trail any time, which always happens when coming across them. We are very respectful of wildlife. We were not following it too close and were actually slowing down.

“Moose are not afraid of snowmobiles and don’t act like this when we see them on the trail. We have never seen one be this aggressive and we see them all the time in this area. It left blood splatter and ticks all over the trail and we reported it to the Maine Warden Service. You’ll notice it’s looking pretty mangy. Poor bugger isn’t going to last too long.”



  • wemovedto

    This is a moose that is probably infected with Brain worm,, they really are sick when they contract this disease and act exactly like this moose did. They attack when they are usually easy going and move away from confrontations.

    • colocaver

      Wemovedto – Colorado from Illinois, New York or California recently?

      Moose are very dangerous animals and will charge you like a bull and trample you like cattle.

      You’re confusing chronic wasting disease with the wrong species and must have seen your moose in zoos or something.

      This one was a baby and didn’t have the kuhunas and these two are only alive because of this.

      That same calf 5 months later – this would have been a 15 second clip.

  • Ann Pirie

    I had no idea a moose was ever this aggressive. Something must be wrong as in diseased or injured. That is a reason to not go near an animal that is possibly either.

  • Bob Trower

    That poor animal ran as far as it could. Those clowns should be charged for animal abuse. Too bad it didn’t destroy both snow mobiles and let those guys walk home. They would understand what tired meant.

  • colocaver

    Moose are known to charge full sized trucks head on –

    ” we followed it expecting it to get off the trail any time” <—-These guys are lucky and ignorant.

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