Senate passes bill to ban red light cameras, photo radar

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DENVER -- A bill to ban red light cameras and photo radars in the state passed the Colorado Senate on Monday in a 21-14 vote.

The bill now moves to the House.

“Red light cameras jeopardize public safety and invade the personal privacy of Coloradans," said State Sen. Scott Renfroe, R-Greeley, the sponsor of the bill. "After carrying this bill for three years unsuccessfully, I’m very optimistic it will become law this year.

"I commend my Senate colleagues for their votes on this bill and urge the House to quickly pass it and Governor Hickenlooper to sign it when it reaches his desk.”

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There is bipartisan support for the ban, which supporters say the cameras and photos are used just to generate revenue, not to improve safety. Opponents of the ban say they are necessary to keep the public safe.

Democratic Speaker Mark Ferrandino is sponsoring the bill in the House.



      • Deejay Sikie

        This was at 6th and Lincoln, I went on yellow. Light changed while I was in the middle of the road due to traffic. Picture was then taken.

        So get your facts straight before you make accusations! Jennifer Schmelzle

        Better question: WHY are you running a red/yellow light. That’s how people are injured or worse, killed!

  • Derek Boerger

    If the ticket was issued via mail and not by a law enforcement agent, it’s not enforceable and you very likely can ignore it.

    From the KDVR report a couple of years ago:

    “Uploaded on May 5, 2011
    DENVER — First we told you that the mailed Photo Radar tickets are not legally binding unless they are personally served—that means physically handed to you—and the city only has 90 days to “serve” your ticket.

    Otherwise, it’s automatically dismissed, according to a Colorado state statute that most people have never read.

    Now, due to an overwhelming viewer response, and more than a hundred phone calls and emails asking if the same law applied to the red light tickets—we went looking for an answer.”

  • Sunny Sharma

    I think we should ban speeding tickets as well. To think of it, there should be no tickets at all.
    Let the drivers run red light, speed as they wish, left turn on red arrows… that’s what it should be.
    Good job stup1d senate!
    Hope no one in your family dies from a red light running driver.
    Yes, I know red light cameras don’t prevent stupid drivers but it reduces number of them fearing the monetary and point penalties.

  • Ryan Denke

    Sunny – no one is saying not to enforce the laws at all. Just not to have third part for-profit automated enforcement. Things were fine before the cameras, they will be fine without them.
    I don’t stop at red lights because of the threat of a ticket. I stop at red lights because I don’t want to crash my car and get injured. Almost all drivers are the same way.
    You have bought into the propaganda issued by the camera companies and repeated by government officials. The city can’t even prove there has been any safety improvement which makes the motive clear: To CASH IN on engineering deficiencies rather than FIXING them.

    • Deejay Sikie


      I don’t run red lights. Traffic was backed up and I was Stuck. I could not go reverse or forward and to fight this ticket it will cost money and time. A cop would have not ticketed me.

      • Robert Gift

        ^ They make the fine low enough so that you will not fight it and possibly win.
        How do you win against four photographs from different angles and 13-second video which you can watch on line?

        Easier and less co$tly to just mail $75 and forget it than to drive downtown and pay for parking TWICE, first to set court appearance and again on court date.

        If you do not pay the fine, they will have you personally served and add that cost to the fine.
        (Denver Police Department Photo Red Light Unit has spent about $200 having me served. But not their money. Merely taxpayer’s money.
        Each of my 6 citations was dismissed in court. I was driving an emergenyehicle.)

  • Sunny Sharma

    I can see that point but I’ve seen people deliberately taking turns in red arrow/light when there is no traffic in the intersections without cameras.
    They treat red as yield light and go when there is no one.
    Also, I’m noticed people not speeding to go through the intersection when there is camera that of course reduces number of accidents.

    • Ryan Denke

      What you describe, although illegal, sounds like a safe maneuver. Is it really worth our resources and drastic measures to crack down on safe maneuvers?
      Is there really any harm if the light is red but there is no one around? Some of the red left turn arrows are a joke. As an experienced driver, I know when it’s safe to make a left hand turn. I understand the purpose is for traffic management rather than safety, but if I’m at a left turn red arrow and there is no traffic coming the opposite direction, why can’t I turn? It would be perfectly safe. Many cities have started using flashing yellow to permit this and stop wasting drivers’ time.

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