Man arrested for pelting girlfriend with Easter eggs

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(Credit: Steven Depolo via

PITTSBURGH, Penn. — A man was arrested in Pittsburgh Sunday after he allegedly pelted his girlfriend with Easter eggs before threatening to stab police officers.

Aaron Goempel, 27, was awaiting arraignment on aggravated assault charges stemming from the domestic disturbance shortly after midnight Sunday, reported.

Police said they responded to reports of a fight at an Easter party inside an apartment and found a woman whose right eye was red and swollen, the paper said. She told three officers that she accused Goempel of cheating on her, prompting him to throw hard-cooked eggs at her and barricade himself in a bedroom with an exercise machine against the door.

Once officers got through the door, Goempel allegedly reached for a row of knives and swords on his dresser. Police wrestled him into a cruiser, where they said he started yelling racist obscenities and kicked an officer in the groin.

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