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DPD issues 32 citations at 4/20 pot rally Saturday

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DENVER -- Thousands gathered downtown Saturday for the 4/20 rally, and police showed a heavy presence.

Shortly before 1 p.m. Saturday, the Denver Police Department said in a tweet that officers had made ten citations and arrests and one person had been transported to the hospital.

At about 5:43 p.m., DPD gave an update and said there 25 citations and arrests: 17 for the public consumption of marijuana, five for detox and two for medical.

Sunday, Denver police sent out another update with a total for Saturday's arrests and citations.

Law enforcement said in a tweet that 32 citations and arrests were issued at the 4/20 rally Saturday: 22 for consumption and ten for other offenses.

Police also advised participants to be aware of the laws regarding marijuana consumption, and posted signs at every entrance to the rally.

Organizers said Sunday's events run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



  • Olivia Dempsey (@livdemps)

    Today at the rally, I was confronted by a Fox 31 reporter and asked, “Do you know you’re at a pot rally? You seem a little out of place.” He is a Fox News reporter; if anyone was “out of place,” it was him. I walked away as I was not about to let anyone (let alone a Fox News reporter) disrupt my day. The same reporter was known across the festival for checking out and hitting on other teenage girls by starting conversations with the same remark and proceeding to ask creepier and more personal questions. I refuse to be affiliated with your B.S. “news” program and respectfully request on the behalf of myself and many that you do not make an appearance at the rally’s second day tomorrow and disturb the goal shared by all of a day filled with peace, love, harmony, and connection with one another.

      • Art Fargo

        And here you are calling someone’s opinion a “Diatribe” .
        It shows your intolerance and lack of any wisdom.
        I spent 4 years in prison (Three in San Quentin) for POSSESSION of 13 ounces.
        The people who think that it is bad to puff should have been there in Quentin when a man who was 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds (I was 5/7 and 120 pounds). told me that if I did not give him 2 packs of cigarettes by the 4 o’clock line up he was going to kill me. Lots of fun and where was the news media then? I served in Korea in a EOD (You could look it up), unit and I was a successful musician for many years and when I was 40 I was admitted to Law School even though I had only a GED.

        Small minds are the bane of the universe and to see so many people like that is a sad and discouraging thing.
        They are responsible for so much wrong that is horrifically prevalent in our so-called “Advanced Society”.

  • John Punessen

    A lot of people aren’t aware of the difference between the cable channel, Fox News, and the local broadcaster. Fox News produces a work of fiction each day to entertain millions of right-wingers, while Fox 31 seems to try to be somewhat objective and actually report local news, while still displaying a giggling schoolboy attitude about pot.

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