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Alcohol considered factor in fatal crash involving teens

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Crash at East 72nd Avenue and Highway 2 in Commerce City

Crash at East 72nd Avenue and Highway 2 in Commerce City

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- Speed, alcohol and inexperience all likely contributed to a tragic car crash in Commerce City that killed a motorcyclist and injured four teens Friday, according to Commerce City Police.

A 16-year-old female student at Adams City High School was driving a white Dodge Neon when she lost control and collided with an oncoming motorcycle at about 3 p.m. Friday near 7300 Highway 2 in Commerce City.

Police said the teenage driver had only a learners permit, which prohibits a driver from transporting anyone under the age of 21. However, the girl was driving three of her classmates.

Speed and alcohol also played roles in the crash, said police.

"It worries you because I know these kids, my daughter knows these kids. What if my daughter would have been in there?" said Sheila Almeida, a parent of an Adams City sophomore.

During a news conference on Saturday, police said the motorcycle rider died in the hospital following the crash. He was a 52-year-old man from Commerce City.

Two 16-year-old boys in the car suffered non-life threatening injuries, but remained in serious condition Saturday.

An 18-year-old female passenger was treated and released for minor injuries.

The 16-year-old driver suffered critical injuries, and she is in serious condition.

Police said they are investigating the crash as a possible vehicular homicide.

"If you’re drinking, simple as that, you shouldn't be driving," said Adams City sophomore Ynessa Almeida.

"She shouldn't have been driving without a parent, an adult," said Sheila Almeida. "Now, unfortunately the gentleman who passed away, she has that on her conscience."

As parents and classmates came to grips with the impact, school leaders hoped they do more than mourn.

"I would definitely plea with parents to continue your involvement with your child as they enter high school and just know what’s going on," said Pat Sanchez, Adams County School District 14 superintendent.

Adams City High School will have counselors available to students and staff throughout the coming week.



  • Robert Gift

    So sorry for the innocent motorcyclist and his loved ones.

    Just starting out in life and the 16 year old is responsible for killing someone. Horrible.

    Did her passengers know she had been drinking and did nothing about it?

  • moonriver22

    The driving age needs to be changed to 18. I might have had my moments when I was 16, but I knew better than to do something like this. Today’s teens don’t. RIP to the victim.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ No. My friends and I learned at a young age to drive, we understood the physics and driving laws and excellent, responsible drivers.

      Unfair to penalize all of the good young drivers just because of a few idiots.

  • Ann Pirie

    Not only is it reported alcohol was involved, but the driver was not licensed. Talk about parents paying attention to what their kids are doing, not! I don’t think that insurance will cover this hideous event because of that. You cannot drive without an adult with a learning permit.

  • Brian Patrick Dolan

    Idiot kids like this are the reason I’m selling my motorcycle. Too many close calls. Hope they send her to jail for 20 years .She made a choice. Now hopefully she’ll have to pay for it for the rest of her life. No mercy. RIP, brother.

    • fifty280

      Hopefully she gets charged with 1st degree murder, and gets nothing lighter than 25 to life. This country needs harsh punishments for DUI’s and reckless behavior such as this. It’s tragic that knowing our court systems, this child murdered a man – and will undoubtedly get an easier sentence due to the fact that A, she’s young and apparently can’t decipher the difference between right, and wrong. Also B, she will get “good behavior” time, which eliminates a portion of time served in prison. If she’s lucky, she will serve 7 years then finish the rest on probation. Pitiful, and disgraced her family forever.

      RIP to the rider and his family.

      • fifty280

        I hope to GOD, she is tried as an adult. She took the liberty to drive with no Drivers License, with a car full of friends, after they did some underage drinking, all resulting in death? Lord have mercy on your soul. Burn in hell, you rotten waste of flesh.

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