State lawmakers to again consider banning red-light cameras

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DENVER — It’s good news for many drivers who don’t like those red light cameras. Today, state lawmakers will talk about whether or not to get rid of them.

Red light cameras flash when the light turns and the picture shows any driver still in the intersection and running the red light. There is a move to ban the cameras statewide, but not everyone is on board.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says cities with red light cameras have 14 percent fewer deadly crashes. While many drivers are frustrated by the idea of getting a ticket in the mail with their picture on it, others say they’re a great tool in keeping roads safe.

“I do not like them, probably because my husband has gotten three tickets in past two months,” said Sharon Doran of Denver. “He’s a physician in a hurry to get to the ER and gets tickets so I don’t like them.

“I don’t think people should be running red lights. If you run the light, it’s against the law, should probably get ticket for it.”

The ban would also include photo radar cameras. You see those in vans parked on the side of the road.

Those who want to keep the cameras say they save money. It would take five officers to do what a red light camera does running 24 hours a day.

Here’s one thing drivers don’t like — even if your tires hit the crosswalk where you stop, when the camera snaps, you’re going to get a ticket.

Lawmakers tried to get a ban passed two years ago but couldn’t get enough votes to do it.



  • Codswallop Hogwash

    Considering the numbers of bad drivers out there who constantly run red lights, these cameras are a must. In fact, they need every Red Light intersection to have one.
    The stupidity of some legislators is amazing.

  • Robert Gift

    ^ Rather you should complain about drivers who run red signals and “greedily” take right-of-way time away from those whose turn it is with a green signal, and drivers who speed in areas where there are children or elderly or areas where their overspeed creates a hazard.

  • dougsmith42

    Not making any money because RTD and police officers are the only ones running the lights? Just pay someone to stand at the corner with a camera and document activity.

    And by the way Sharon, your husband is BREAKING THE LAW and endangering other people’s lives by reckless driving. And you think this is OK? Can’t wait until someone sue’s you.

  • Gary L Rogers

    For those who complain about these cameras. If you do the posted speed limit and stop at the red lights, (both are required by law) then you will never receive a notice/fine for this. Oh what, Im talking about people just doing whats right.

  • Olol YouthMinistry

    Get rid of them. Many times when taking a long left turn the light turns yellow when you are underneat it already and turns red and flashes a picture. That is not running a red light. Also, I have slammed on my breaks (quite unsafely for the person behind me) as to avoid any chance of getting a ticket, a yellow light at camera lights essentially needs to be treated as a red in order to avoid a ticket. This situation is even more dangerous when roads are snowy and icy and it’s even more unsafe to stop.

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