THIS is why you don’t park in front of fire hydrants

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BOSTON -- Firefighters scrambling to get water to an eight-alarm fire in Boston Wednesday came up with a creative way to get around one obstacle.

Someone had parked their BMW in front of the fire hydrant near the fire, blocking access.

So they punched out the windows and ran a 4-inch hose from the hydrant through the driver's side window and out the passenger's side.

“The general reaction is that some people find humor in it,’’ said Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald told the Boston Globe. “But it’s really a serious situation. That water supply is the lifeblood of the engine company."

Boston police said an officer ticketed the vehicle. The fine for such a violation is $100.



  • Ann Pirie

    I have little use for anyone who parks at a fire hydrant or in a disabled space without tags. Thoughtless, inconsiderate. I just plain do not like parking thieves.

  • Jeff Bender

    Karma is all over it. Maybe this person will think twice before parking in front of a hydrant! Maybe not, this person driving a BMW thinks he or she owns the road….. just sayn

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Ain’t no such thing as Karma.

      Why not take that 4-inch supply line from the other outlet of that hydrant appliance?

      Instead of breaking BOTH windows, break ONE window and unlock and open the doors.

      With so little pahking in Boston, you takes your chances.
      Citation only $100 ?

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