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Police investigate who provided alcohol to teens after drunk girl hospitalized

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- A limousine driver is credited with saving the life of a 16-year-old girl who became so drunk at a birthday celebration she could have died.

Longmont Police are now looking for the person who provided the alcohol to a group of teenagers at the party for a 14-year-old girl.

The teen’s blood alcohol content or BAC was .40, that’s five times the legal limit for an adult driving under the influence.

Some of the teens started their celebration at a dirt lot in the 6900 block of Garfield in Loveland where The Longest Limos parks its luxury vehicles.

They took off from the lot to pick up other kids. A total of 13 teenagers were in the white stretch limo—but not a single adult.

“She was just chugging it and chugging it,” says one of the teenaged boys inside the limo last Friday night.

A group of three boys says the 16-year-old teen and single mother drank a whole bottle of Malibu Rum by herself.

It turned a birthday celebration into a medical emergency.

“Some of the kids tried to get her inside (a Longmont home), I told them absolutely not she was not leaving my supervision,” says limousine driver Ron Allen.

He had just dropped off the group at the house on Yeager Drive when he noticed the drunk teen.

“The young lady was unconscious, puking, foaming at the mouth, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. As they got out of the limo, the kids were just throwing her around like a rag doll,” says Allen.

He says they kept hitting her head on the bar.

He called 911. It likely saved her life. Her BAC was dangerously high.

“Alcohol at .40 is compatible with death,” says Dr. Matthew Brett of Lyons.

He says teenagers don’t handle alcohol as well as adults.

“Teens have less experience with how much to drink without getting ill. Teens have poor judgment with alcohol intoxication,” he says.

And the teens might not be the only ones with poor judgment.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s not the norm. Usually a parent goes with us,” says Allen, about how rare it is for kids to be in a limo unsupervised.

“I am the responsible adult in that vehicle but my job is transportation—not to babysit,” says Allen.

“Parents are making bad decision for kids. It’s unfortunate, just unfortunate. Parents should set a good example for kids,” says Longmont Police spokesman Jeff Satur.

Now, police investigate where the alcohol came from at a birthday party that came to a screeching halt.

Satur says the teens also had pot and another illegal substance, which he wouldn’t name. But some of the kids say it was Molly or ecstasy pills.

“I was in tears that night because I was scared for her,” says Allen. "I'm glad she's going to be okay."

If police find out who provided the alcohol and/or the drugs, that person faces a felony of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police are confident they will make an arrest.



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