Colorado’s first marijuana vending machine about to start operation

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AVON, Colo. -- They're calling it the future of marijuana in Colorado. No long lines and no sales person needed.

Marijuana entrepreneurs unveiled a high-tech marijuana vending machine in Eagle County Friday night.

The machine isn't in use yet, but it went on display at Montana's Smokehouse barbecue in Avon.

Stephen Shearin's company, American Green, delivered the "Zazz." It's Colorado's first marijuana edibles vending machine. "Many people could look at this and say that's just a vending machine, and they'd be right but mostly wrong."

That's for sure. The machine will soon be stocked with goods from Herbal Elements from nearby Eagle-Vail.

"We're looking forward to using the ZAZZ machine to easily track all this inventory ... we're gonna eliminate the middle man. It'll go straight from the budtender right into our machine. There's no room for theft by patients, employees ... there's no way to lose track of the inventory," says Herbal Elements owner Greg Honan.

Buying a pot brownie won't be as easy as sticking in a few quarters like  you would do for a Snickers candy bar.

You'll need to have a valid medical marijuana card and your ID will have to be verified before you can get anything out of the vending machine.

But these folks are convinced they're about to revolutionize their industry with the green machine.

"I don't think we've dreamed what it can do yet, and that's the whole point. You start with this and you start making your way into the future. I think this is a great starting point, and we're excited about it," Shearin says.

Again, the machine is for medical marijuana patients only. The entrepreneurs hope to have several of them in place soon.



  • April LaCome Fetters

    The kids tha attempt to do this, and use a parents mj card is the parents fault first an foremost. No kids would suffer anyway becase pot doesnt kill. Open your minds, and use some common sense IF you have any.

  • a21bravo

    This machine will be capable of biometric age verification so a stolen card or identification will not work. As stated in the article the machines will currently be placed in dispensaries which require a valid medical card (verified by a human being) to even enter the building. I don’t believe your about marijuana being more accessible to kids is valid in this case. The machine will not be placed outside of a dispensary untill all of the biometric software completes testing. “Kids” can get marijuana easier at any public school than from this machine.

  • Sean Berry

    So if everything is going retail for the most part whats the point of needing a medical marijuana card anymore, when you can just go in and buy what you want retail? Is it different strains or special strains for medical only? And I am betting that in 3-5 years the federal government will end prohibition of marijuana

  • Codswallop Hogwash

    Pot does not kill, but they have shown it does alter the brain. People who are marginal are going to have a lot of trouble with pot, ESPECIALLY kids.
    Colorado going to pot is the dumbest thing every done in the entire history of this country.

    • Erin Curran

      The history of this country!? America had not only legalized cannabis before the 1937 marijuana tax and the racist judgement of Harry Allinsger along with other media, our first president demanded hemp growth, and you could go into your local pharmacy and buy cannabis oil. Colorado is bringing history back. Didn’t seem so close minded in America when marijuana and hemp were actually used and popular.

  • Danielle Claus

    I agree with a21bravo… kids can get pot a lot easier at school or other places off the street and these machines have not been started yet cuz they want to make sure you can not purchase from the vending machine unless you are of age and have a medical card … also everyone has such a hard time with places legalizing marijuana when the truth of it is this is the same way that alcohol became legal years many people were against it but more ppl were for it in the end. Someone commented that the government was going to end the prohibition of marijuana eventually but did they end the prohibition of alcohol years ago? No they didn’t. They figured out a way for the government to make money on it too and that will be what they will prolly do eventually with this too…also alcohol kills SO many people daily but it is still legal… marijuana does not kill ppl, if anything it calms people down and keeps people from getting in trouble..alcohol and ttobacco also kill brain cells but are still legal.. they just have to figure out how to put and enforce restrictions on it like alcohol and tobacco such as age restrictions and driving restrictions… this is all just the beginning…

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