Adams County deputy arrested on child sex assault charge

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DENVER -- An Adams County Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested Thursday evening on suspicion of sexual assault on a child, ACSO reported.

Henry Ford, who works in the jail division, was taken into custody early Thursday evening pursuant to an investigation that began on Wednesday, investigators said.

Ford has been employed by the Sheriff’s Office since 2006. Ford appeared in court Friday morning. He is charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

Cops showed up at his Strasburg home in an unmarked car and served a search warrant.

While they were searching, neighbors said Ford lived there with his wife and children. Neighbors said they felt uneasy about him, that he was often heard to be yelling at his family.



  • Jeffrey Goad

    From the looks of him he will die before he has a chance to rot in prison. I hope good ol vigilante justice will take care of this waste of skin. And to think, he was a law enforcement officer. Supposed to serve and protect, not sexually assault children!

  • Fast45

    There’s no story here … Disperse! Move along, now! Stop posting comments about (low-life, lying, thieving, perjuring, bully) cops, or you will be arrested, and your family pet will be shot! Move along!

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