Bill would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinations for kids

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DENVER -- Colorado moves another step closer to making it more difficult for parents to opt out of vaccinations for their kids.

Lawmakers took up the controversial issue Wednesday afternoon at the State Capitol.

Right now, all parents have to do to opt out is sign one form, one time.

If the bill passes, parents would also need a doctor’s signature that they received information showing the risks and benefits of immunizations—or watch an online video.

It’s an issue compelling dozens to come to the Capitol to talk lawmakers into or out of passing the bill.

Ronnie Prin wheels his 22-year-old disabled son Eric into the Capitol.

He’ll tell lawmakers vaccines left his son totally disabled.

Kathy Sincere says she’ll also tell lawmakers vaccines hurt four of her adult children. Although, her husband, Fran, says they couldn’t prove it in a court of law.

“This is something that can be very scary to me,” says Sundari Kraft, a mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl.

She wants to protect her from preventable diseases at her day care center.

She supports House Bill 1288 and so do medical doctors.

“Some people strongly believe vaccines are much more harmful than a benefit. Our job is to look at the evidence, the factual evidence,” says Dr. James Todd, with Children’s Hospital Pediatrics.

He says overwhelming evidence shows vaccines are safe and effective.

He also says injuries that develop after vaccinations are coincidental. He says evidence shows similar rates of autism and brain injuries in children who were vaccinated and those who were not.

The bill would require parents be educated about vaccines before opting out of them for personal reasons.

Supporters say the bill doesn’t eliminate that option. But opponents worry.

“We know it doesn't take away our right not to vaccinate. We know already that’s not an issue. Should I be forced to be brainwashed every year?” says Fran Sincere.

“This is the first step--the first step to restrict personal exemption. Then, they’ll pass another bill in a year or two, to take away the personal exemption,” says Kathy Sincere. She says then, they’ll take away the religious exemption.

Supporters say it should be at least as difficult to opt out of vaccines as it is to vaccinate.

“Vaccines are not like other decisions. Other medical decisions only affect you and your family. If you choose not to vaccinate, that affects the health of their child, the health of my children, the health of other children in our community,” says Kraft.

The bill will also require schools and day care centers to provide vaccination rates of their children upon request.

The bill already passed the full House and is expected to pass the full Senate.

Unless the governor vetoes it, it will become law July 1.



      • Becky Gardner

        I agree. If vaccines are so effective, why are parents who vaccinated their children so scared? Perhaps they secretly worry that the vaccines won’t work. If anyone is going to get sick, it would be the kids who didn’t get vaccinated according to the doctors, scientists and pharmaceutical companies that promote the vaccines.

  • reissd

    The goal of the bill is to make sure that refusal of vaccines is informed, drawing on the concept of informed refusal. Part of the hope is that it will give physicians a chance to counter the misinformation parents get from the internet.

  • autismanne

    ““Vaccines are not like other decisions. Other medical decisions only affect you and your family.If you choose not to vaccinate, that affects the health of their child, the health of my children, the health of other children in our community,” That’s not true. Every medical decision can affect everybody, so vaccines are no different. For example, when a child goes through radiation and chemotherapy, they cannot be with their family. So they’re put in a hotel room, and affect everyone there instead. And when a child is drugged, whether by mouth, by infusion, or by injection, that is excreted and eventually gets into our water supply. And when a child is given a nasal vaccine, that can shed for up to a month and cause others to get sick. Every medical decision can affect everybody.

  • Mary Salfi

    This is the most outrageous thing I have seen yet! It is such an infringement on parental rights. It should always be the parent’s choice to do what is best for their child. Vaccine education if given should be given to both vaccinating and non-vaccinating parents with a clear and true description of what’s being injected in their child. This is nothing to mess with. With every law that is passed, a little more of your freedom gets taken away.

    • reissd

      Children are not property; they have rights. When the parent decides to go against the scientific consensus, rejecting the abundant evidence about vaccines’ safety and effectiveness, and leave their children at risk of disease, it’s appropriate to at least provide them with information about that choice and give a physician a chance to counter the abundant misinformation available on the internet.

  • Onemom's Voice

    Among the parents opposed to this bill that testified, were Scientists, Lawyers, Professors, Military, and Doctors. Since 1986 Vaccine Manufactures have been able to create and distribute vaccines without ANY liability to consumers. Currently there are hundreds more in development that will also fall under the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

    In the last 30 years childhood cancer and auto immune diseases have risen. Today children receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time they are 6 years old and 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18.

    These are given during the most crucial time of brain development. Many of these vaccines are created from aborted fetal cells, live viruses, contain GMO’s, antibiotics, and they all contain aluminum, formaldehyde and many other toxins. Doctors give a newborn the Hep B vaccine at 12 hours hold without regard to any predisposition of an allergies, cancer, or other possible illnesses.

    This bill will effect every person that decides to delay any injection. It claims to close the “convenience loophole” by making life even more difficult for parents that exempt. The argument is used that not vaccinating affects everyone. However, the truth is that children and adults that are immunocompromised can become ill after being exposed to a person that has had a live virus vaccine. Live virus vaccines can shed and make others sick, but vaccine promoters do not talk about this.

    The truth is, 71% of Pertussis outbreaks occurred in the vaccinated. The CDC admits that the pertussis outbreak is not due to the unvaccinated. The truth is we do not have a health crisis in Colorado. Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the U.S.

    The truth is, vaccines do not create immunity in every person, and the solution to poorly made vaccines is to recommend more and more boosters despite not knowing repercussions of doing this.

    The truth is, that unvcaccinated and partially vaccinated children are not allowed to attend schools during outbreaks and our State law lists quarantine as an option when vaccines are declined.

    We as a public deserve to have vaccines that are ethically made and are free from contaminants and neurotoxins. We will never have this until manufacturer’s and the people that promote them share in the liability (not tax payers) when they have caused brain damage, death, any harm, to consumers.

    This bill is not about education, as they do not want to educate everyone equally, or require written informed consent for everyone. That amendment was rejected by the State House of Representatives. Only those that decide to delay or reject a vaccine will be required to this yearly “education” and signature of a health official. There is a wealth of education on the CDC website and so this education is simply not needed.

    This bill is not about the vaccination rates of daycare centers, as daycare centers and preschools must already report to State licensing requirements and human services and must let parents know when they have unvaccinated children in their centers.

    The goal of this bill is to make the lives of people that decide to delay or reject as little as one injection more inconvenient, and to change people’s mind to vaccinate. It is about receiving money from the Federal Government to create a system that requires all public and private schools to report vaccination rates to human services. This takes even more power away from schools and school boards. jParents of children that are Homeschooled and use public programs or participate in any activity including Sports or an Arts program will also be effected by this bill.

    This bill is about taking more freedom away from people and having the state micromanage people lives. Is this what Coloradoan people really want? It is our duty as Americans to remind our Government that we are a people that are able to make wise decisions for ourselves and our families and that our Government is a Democratic Republic and was not created for this reason, but for the reason to protect its citizen’s from tyranny. Our Government was not created to create laws that benefit corporations, or pharmaceutical companies, and our State Government should not follow in the footsteps of our Federal Government as we have had enough of our rights infringed upon. Finally, this bill is discriminatory and poorly written and simply should not be passed.

  • Onemom's Voice

    Names of some individuals and information given in this piece are wrong. Personal Exemptions are not a one time thing. Parents of students must complete and submit records (including shot records or exemptions) annually just like all other parents and would be subjected to this yearly. If this bill passes the law would not take effect unit July 1 of 2015. ~

  • Ronnie Prine

    Hello out there my name is Ronnie Prine Not Prin first of all second i was just like everyone else i took my son the get his vaccine’s to protect him little did i know the vaccine’s would hurt him.My son was normal til he got his Dpt vaccine one of the side affects look it up to most vaccine’s is seizure’s.Days after my son’s vaccine he started having seizure’s he went on to have 100 a day.Today he is totaly disable and was tested for 8 years and his Doctor put it in writing reaction to DPT vaccine.My little girl is 14 nonvaccinate at the advise from our Doctor she sat next to a child in school that was vaccinated and he got the chickenpox from a booster.Point is she did’nt get them hell people unvaccinated kid do not have the live virus in them the vaccinated kids do.If you want to know what it is like to watch a child have seizure after seizure come to my house before you judge any parent who says no to vaccine’s please come. Ronnie Prine P.S see my son before and after vaccine’s on Youtube one4eric

  • Erika Light Roberg

    I wish reporters were mandated to check their facts better before reporting on issues to the public.

    First – “Right now, all parents have to do to opt out is sign one form, one time.” is not true. Parents have to sign a new form yearly for each child. It’s not a one-time then done thing. Also, if a parent is enrolling their child(ren) in multiple places, they have to fill out a new form yearly for EACH place.

    Second, HB-1288 bill has to be passed by the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee before it can make it’s way to the Senate floor, then the entire Senate has to vote and pass it for the Governor to even see the bill. The bill isn’t even out of committee yet, so it is a bit presumptuous to report that “Unless the governor vetoes it, it will become law July 1.”

    Second – if the bill IS passed into law, the law will take effect July 1st of 2015, NOT this year.

    PLEASE check your facts!

    This entire news piece makes me think “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

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