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Teacher has brilliant response to student’s profane letter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) received a letter from one of her students that was taped to the door of the classroom, according to a posting on Reddit.

The 101-word letter was full of grammatical and spelling errors, and also contained curse words and name calling directed at the teacher.

And how did the teacher respond?

By correcting all of the student’s mistakes.

The teacher went through and sliced and diced the letter in red marker, noting everything from not having a date to not indenting the signature line to a comma splice.

And at the bottom, the teacher had one last smack down for the student by writing: “*Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.*”


See the letter below. Note: Some readers might find some of the language offensive.





  • Jaquelyn Natale

    The English teacher should have corrected the first sentence entirely, not just added a comma and proclaimed it to be a run-on sentence. A better example of that sentence would be: “My time in your class has been enjoyable for the most part.”

  • Lita Renee Hennen

    Not everyone who works at Burger King was a rude and obnoxious student. This is coming from someone who works at Burger King because after being honorably discharged from the Army I can’t find another job until I get the education the army promised me, but didn’t give me.

    • Samuel Hulin

      Being in the Military is not a free pass at whatever you want in life. You are not entitled to a high horse the rest of your life. Other people have figured out how to pay for college other ways, it is not the Army’s responsibility to hold your hand. I respect our military but you just seem like an obnoxious person. I bet there is something you are not telling us about your discharge that could be stopping your GI bill / Servicemen’s Readjustment Act funding.

    • Jessina Espinal

      Samuel….Lita didn’t say anything about not being able to access her GI Bill. She said “…the education the military promised me but didn’t give me.” She’s referring to the training the military tells you that they’re going to give you and that you’ll be able to use in the civilian world when you’re done. HOWEVER, the education and training you get while in the military rarely transfers to the civilian sector and so when one gets out of the military, they usually have to find a low paying job while they reintegrate into the civilian life and muddle through as a non-traditional college student.

    • bandit53059

      Waaaaaa…..too much awful whining anymore with peeps..Just too much. People just believe that blogs and post are a stage for friggen whining, crying, or filling lines up with their own long winded, boring, pointless babble…it’s friggen depressing is what it is….just saying

  • Samuel Hulin

    I would not agree that this individual was taught effectively. Did you read the little note? It was an English teacher. The child clearly does not speak English.

    • Tollie Yancey

      Though this child may not speak English (REALLY,, are you his mother?), he certainly knows how to write, not well either I might. I can only pray you are not his mother; and obviously you are also not a teacher. Kudos to the teacher I do believe at least. he/she) the teacher) used their education a lot more appropriately than most. I can only hope the state is not paying for this “child’s education. What a waste that would be.. Maybe you will be willing to help huh? If you can not afford him a more appropriate means of education then maybe you can at least teach him to speak English with more respect than he writes it..

  • Jodi Allen

    You’re an idiot! When a person is in the military and promised BY our Government assistance for education and they don’t get that is pure BS. How is this person obnoxious? I don’t believe they are asking for a high horse nor someone to hold their hand. They are asking to get what they were promised! I’m sure if you were promised a promotion and a raise that you and your family were counting on and it never happened you would look for employment elsewhere. Yes, I can see how. Ugh you respect our military personnel.
    As for this article, kudos to the teacher!

    • Ryan McGuffin

      Neither party here has enough information to make any “big statement” thus neither of you are right and neither of you are wrong cause neither of you know why he was discharged, he can be some illegal immigrant posting on the internet or a marshin. My point is you dont have enough info and your argument makes you seem like an idiot. BTW using aggressive ad hominem never works in an argument on the internet.

      • Mark Connell

        *Martian is a proper noun so it should be capitalized. Your last sentence should actually use the word *aggression rather than aggressive. The context of the sentence as written says, “… using aggressive [sic] towards someone’s person rather than their written argument never works …”
        BTW, I’m just bustin’ your b@lls a bit as I don’t regularly correct people’s spelling or grammar. LOL

  • Aaron S. Mohammed

    “Dear English IV Teacher”? Doesn’t that just pretty much give it away that this is fake? Lol I mean come on man, if this were a real student, they would have used the teacher’s actual name.

  • Michael N. Ruff

    Yeah, I’m in agreement with Aaron, I would think that the author would have used the teachers name. But the rest of the letter is so grammatically incorrect and just plain bad that I wonder if he even knows the teachers name.

  • ablestmage

    The supposed teacher sure has a lot to learn about English. Their argument seems to pivot squarely upon the idea that the letter is formal and therefore in need of correction. “Formal writing should not include profanity” and yet does, indicating the letter is not formal and therefore not in need of corrections.

  • Harvie L Christian (@harviele)

    Kids do learn things by being in the military. They learn responsibility, integrity and the desire to do a good job. If they stay in long enough, they learn leadership, planning and execution. They also learn respect for authority.

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