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Turn out the lights — DIA to participate in Earth Hour on Saturday

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Denver International Airport

DENVER — For the second year, Denver International Airport will flip the switch to off an numerous lights as part of Earth Hour on Saturday night.

The illuminated DIA sign along Pena Boulevard, the sign marking the terminal and the blue mustang statue will go dark from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

“Earth Hour is an international day of education and a call to action with regard to our responsibility and the impact of our actions on our planet,” said Kim Day, Denver’s Manager of Aviation. “We take climate change seriously and are working hard to make a difference.”

Operations at the airport will not be affected by the event.



  • colocaver

    LOL stupid eco-freaks – the power plant will only continue to produce the same amount of emissions and Mkw availabilty regardless of who has a light switch on or off Saturday night, or any night. Power is momentary and whether or not you are using it at a source, the same amount of power and emissions are produced.

    Poor ignorant bleeding heart feel good liberals…. they have no idea how the world revolving around them works… and they are off to save us from ourselves.

  • coloradocommish

    How long has Fox31 been getting their stories from “The Onion”?

    Wait… you mean this is a true?…. DIA is attempting to “fix” Global Warming by turning off the red eyes of the demon horse out in the front yard? I guess a phony dillema calls for a phony cure.

    Stop those trains for an hour and you’d REALLY get some attention.

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