Teen spends $25,000 after accidently getting $31,000 put into account

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HULL, Ga. — A Georgia teenager got a nice surprise in his bank account earlier this month — to the tune of $31,000. The teen then started wildly spending the money, but after discovering the mistake, the bank wants its money back, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

The error happened March 7 when a man went to make a $31,000 deposit at First Citizens Bank in Hull. But with several people by the same name with accounts at the bank, the teller put the money into the wrong account.

Ten days later, the man who made the deposit inquired about the missing money from his account, and that’s when the error was discovered, sheriff’s deputies said.

But not before the 18-year-old man who was the beneficiary of the money had taken out $20,000 in cash and spent another $5,000 on an ATM card.

The teen tried to get more money on March 18 but was told of the mistake and to return the money, but he claimed the money came from an inheritance.

After being confronted by a sheriff’s deputy and told to return the money, the man said he would go to the bank and settle matters, but he has yet to do so. Bank officials say they will prosecute if the man does not return the money.



    • Vincent Wolf

      The bank may not get the money back but the teen will end up in jail. It’s called grand theft. It’s a felony. And since he is 18 will be tried as an adult.

      • Rick Shropshire

        In all honesty, he didnt steal the money, it was given to him, by mistake or whatever, but it was still given to him. If you receive a package in the mail that you did not order, you have the legal right to keep it and liable for payment. Why should this case be any different? Although $31k is a lot of money to you and me, its not very much at all to that institute. They need to man up and take responsibility for their mistake. They would be lucky to get it back from me.

    • coloradocommish

      And the recipient of the largess, upon discovery of the obvious mistake, (unlike your “package in the mail” example)… has no responsibility of notifying the institute of the occurrence….
      Finders keepers…. Losers Weepers.

      Thanks for giving us this little incite into your character, honor, and integrity, as well as the high standards you expect from society. Is it also safe to assume that you were part of the “occupy” movement at some point in your life?

      • DiamondBackPain (@DiamondBackPain)

        Next time you go to a casino and you find a 100 chip on the floor, make sure you have the same attitude and pick up the chip and spend it on a game of blackjack. Watch what happens to you after they review the tap e, find you on the tape picking up the money that was not yours off the floor and gambling with it.

    • nancy gray (@1814capcor)

      BUT when you open a checking account, you sign a contract stating you will promptly report any errors. This 18 yr old man did not report finding the $31,000 deposit he did not make. That is grand theft from a Federal Bank that stated they intend to prosecute if he doesn’t return the money. This punk doesn’t seem to understand he is 18 and playing with the big boys now.

  • Heather Nugent Carlson

    Who waits TEN days to verify $31,000 was deposited into the right account? I had a teller accidentally give me $500 in the drive-through once instead of $50. I sent it back through the tube and told him to check the amount again before I drove off because I knew how that would feel if it were me.

  • Robert Gift

    Teen KNEW it was a mistake.
    KNEW it was not his money.
    He had no right to keep someonelse’s money.
    He must pay it back. Too bad he wasted it.

    (Bank should tell him the clerk making the mistake will have to pay it.)

    ^ If you find a $100 chip on the floor at the casino, you can keep it.
    No way of knowing to whom it belonged.

  • Mark W Davenport

    bank made the mistake gave money away. yea the kid knew it was not his but he spent it anyway. banks fault they made the mistake and should have to deal with the fallout not the kid. if i made a mistake at work they sure as hell would not blame a customer.

  • SpamFace Plant

    This man is right there with the former DIA plane cleaner who “found” and iPad in the seat back while doing his job. Stolen from “personal” lost and found. No character. Would you do it in front of your spouse, kids, grandma or in front of camera? What if no one were looking? If not, you shouldn’t be doing it.

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