Angry note left by employee for gas station boss goes viral

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This note was left on the door of a locked Michigan gas station, apparently by an employee who was upset his boss did not communicate that she was running late. (Photo: Imgur / FOX 17)

This note was left on the door of a locked Michigan gas station, apparently by an employee who was upset his boss did not communicate that she was running late. (Photo: Imgur / FOX 17)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — An employee at a BP gas station in Grand Rapids, Mich. left an angry note for his boss in public view for all of the convenience store’s customers to see.

Now the whole world’s hearing about it.

“As you can see, the doors are locked. I went home,” the note read. ”Fire me if you must, but realize I walked due to YOUR negligence.”

A photo of the note was posted on Imgur (WARNING: explicit language) this week and went viral soon after.

WXMI-TV reached out to the store’s manager, who declined to go on camera, but admitted she was running late because she didn’t hear her alarm clock.

She also said the employee who left the note, so far identified only as “Joe,” didn’t call her or any other employees prior to locking up the store.



  • dougsmith42

    Apparently Joe doesn’t know how to pick up the phone either. If you had been on FACEBOOK you would have known that the boss was drinking coffee, taking a shower and running late. SO RUDE of you Joe.

  • Jessie Todd Conley

    it is not Joe’s responsibility to call the boss, he done all he had to. yes it would have been courteous but not his responsibility.when she realized she overslept her first move should have been to call. it seems like this might not have been the first time.

  • Dave (@Mile_Hi_Dave)

    My question is, does this “manager” still have a job? a title does not give anyone the right to be disrespectful. “Managers” always feel the title COMES with respect. This manager just gets to learn it the hard way. Personally, I would be calling Joe to come in and take her shifts. :)

  • Don L Tibbets

    Since when is the employee supposed to be quesion the boss? Insubordination so far as I see it. How many breaks has Joe been given by the boss? Bet there is more to this story than meets the eye. Fire Joe.

  • Elisbeth Rooney

    I do not view it as employee insubordination when the Boss is more than an hour late to relieve the shift. Employees are hired to work specific hours and many have children and other obligations to be responsible for as well. When the Boss awoke and realized she was going to be late, she should have called the store and asked him to work over until she arrived. As far as I am concerned She is the one in the wrong.

  • Robert Gift

    Unable to enter, I would have called the manager if I had her telephone number.
    Then cleaned the area, and if finished, sat/slept in my car until the manager arrived.

  • Stephen Felt (@sfelt)

    Joe had no idea if the manager was in a car accident or got mugged or anything else tragic and then aired his dirty laundry for all to see, he should be fired immediately. The manager didn’t call Joe to tell him she’s ok and just running late, poor managerial communication gets a warning from the owner but not fired in my opinion.

  • Darrell Stanley

    When you leave your post when not relieved that is desertion. If you are not willing to work an extra hour or two I question your loyalty. Joe should be fired for leaving the note. A locked gas station that is not in service results in the loss of customers and money. The manager should be fired as well for cause. The manager is a poor leader and the worker lacks judgement.

  • Janet Robinson

    I would have done the same thing! the manager is not setting a good example for her workers ! Its Not okay for her to be a no call no show t she should be fired ! He worked his shift and was not in the wrong! what if he had a Dr appointment. or other pending arrangements? or a wife at home waiting to go to work but couldn’t because he was to watch the kids! It was not fair to him!

  • Keith Dunnigan

    @Darrell Stanley, if you want to be “loyal” and work a couple extra hours without anyone even asking you to for $7.25 an hour, then by all means, be my guest! But I for one don’t think that anyone making less than it costs to stay alive should have their “loyalty” called into question before the employer’s loyalty, who benefits from their employees not being paid enough to stay alive between shifts is called into question.

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