Thai satellite spots 300 objects that could be tied to Flight 370

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A Thai satellite has seen 300 "pieces of floating objects potentially linked to missing Malaysia Airlines plane" in the southern Indian Ocean, Thai state-run broadcaster MCOT reported March 27, 2014. (Credit: Thai Public Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Thai satellite spotted 300 “pieces of floating objects potentially linked” to the missing plane in the southern Indian Ocean, Thai state-run broadcaster MCOT reported Thursday.

Analysts searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have said the detection of possible objects is an encouraging sign, but so far nothing linked to the plane has been found.

“The type of wreckage or object that we’re looking for is so close to the water line that now radars would not be able to pick it up,” said Capt. Allison Norris, who is in charge of the HMAS Success, the Australian navy ship in the search area. “So we are very reliant on lookouts who use binoculars and night vision glasses to scan the horizon and scan the area around the ship while we conduct our search pattern.”

The forecast from Friday morning through Saturday shows much improved conditions in the search zone.

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