Proposal would let homeowners sell veggies they grow

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DENVER -- Denver City Councilor Robin Kniech wants to amend city zoning laws to allow for home grown fruits and vegetables to be sold by growers either at their homes or local farmer’s markets.

“We know there are food deserts in Denver -- areas where there are no grocery stores or access to fresh produce,” said Kniech. “This is why we need to allow residents to sell produce they might normally throw away at harvest time, so others in the neighborhood can eat healthy.”

Folks at the Denver Farmer’s Market say the plan will allow more and more people to get on the plant-a-garden band wagon.

“Beside letting people sell to their neighbors, the program will help people get to know each other at the same time," said Jim Bertini.

The city has set guidelines about what would, and what would not be allowed.

Kniech said he hopes to get feedback thru April 7.  Then the City Council would hold a public hearing for comments.

The hope is the zoning change could be passed by June to allow urban farmers to do their green acre thing thru the summer, to be able to sell crops in the fall.


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