Mother finds relief in news of arrest in 10-year-old murder cold case

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DENVER -- For a Denver mother, it's been 10 long years filled with questions.

“How could someone take something so precious?” said Sherri Landrum. Questions and pictures of her son Kurt, have dominated her thoughts for years.

He would have turned 32 this year.

For Sherri Landrum, Aug. 4, 2004 is unforgettable.

“I remember grabbing my chest, saying 'What is this?' And two seconds later my daughter called saying Kurt had been shot,” Landrum said.

Her son was gunned down in front of the Bluebird theater. The block was covered with bullet holes as the shooter fled. The crime remained unsolved.

Nearly six years later, in 2010 the hit show "America's Most Wanted" featured Levias’ murder. A tip from the show led investigators to their only suspect in the murder -- George Allen.

Four years later, detectives found Allen in Las Vegas.

“It was just like a big relief but more hurt and sorry because my son`s not here with me,” said Landrum. “I forgave him 10 years ago without knowing who he was.”

Allen was brought back to Denver and will be arraigned in court on Friday.


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