Shotgun Willie’s boss to keep his word, run for Colo. governor

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Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon, a wealthy strip club owner, may throw a new wrinkle into the Colorado governor's race with a social media-driven, self-funded campaign.

DENVER — Mike Dunafon made a promise: that he’d run for governor if he could get 60,000 likes on his Facebook page before his 60th birthday in April.

Now he’ll have to keep it.

Dunafon, the libertarian mayor of tiny Glendale whose fiancee owns Shotgun Willie’s, told FOX31 Denver Wednesday that he’s going to run for governor this November as an independent candidate.

He said he’s working on filling out forms and making plans to get the 1,000 petition signatures he’ll need to make the ballot — although when he spoke to FOX31 Denver by phone Wednesday he admitted he was just having a cigar.

“It’s the old put up or shut up,” said Dunafon, who outlined his “60 for 60” challenge to FOX31 Denver in February. “And I got caught in it.”

Dunafon has already surpassed 62,000 Facebook likes well ahead of his birthday on April 12.

“And we didn’t pay for any of them,” he said. “We could have, but if you do that, the message doesn’t resonate.”

So is Dunafon, a pro-Second Amendment, pro-gay marriage (he officiates a same-sex union in a video on his website) and pro-choice libertarian, doing this as a lark or planning on mounting a serious campaign?

The latter, he said.

“It’s a very serious opportunity and I do believe I could win. I’m not going to get in to screw someone up,” he said, noting that he’s friends with Hickenlooper and many of the Republican candidates.

“I get along well with both guys. I have a good time with John whenever I’m with him.”

Dunafon, who’s first foray into politics involved putting videos on YouTube showing him rhapsodizing about liberty in front of a fireplace, believes the time is right for a candidate who uses technology and social media to bypass the usual party system.

Many of the Facebook likes have been coming from people between 18-25 years old, he noted.

“We’ve got to accept the liberty of everybody. We can’t pick and choose,” Dunafon said. “Will that resonate? I sincerely hope it does.”

Dunafon, who promises to have fun campaigning, is planning a big announcement in the coming weeks.

“Why hide from it? You may not like what I like and I may not like what you like, but if we battle over that we will lose the concept of individual liberty,” he said.



    • Shane Martin

      The most popular city for Mike Dunafon’s facebook is Dhaka, Bangladesh, home of paranoid “libertarian” users-of-people like Donald Trump clothing manufacturing. Click “likes” and see for yourself.

  • Chris Ward

    This is one step in changing the face in politics in this country forever. I am an avid supporter and I would invite anyone who is reading this to go to his website and learn where he stands on the issues. Liberty will be restored.

  • Hunter Lemperle

    I am tired of all the control. We should be free to make good choices and bad choices. If the choice is already made for us, its no choice at all.Give me Liberty or give me Death!

    Mike Dunafon for Governor!!

  • Christopher Sickle Sr.

    It has been said that insanity is demonstrated by doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting a different result. It seems to me that we need to Stop The Insanity!

    We as a state and as a nation have been shackled by the two party system for far too long. Many great candidates for different offices are never even given a voice and therefore never develop the support necessary for election.

    Is anyone besides me and Mike Dunafon fed up with politics as usual?? I think so.

    It is time for a renaissance of liberty in this country, and it can start in Colorado when we get together and get behind a candidate who has a proven track record of promoting liberty and enjoying the fruits of those labors as his constituents do.

    If we continue to vote either red or blue simply out of fear that the candidate we really want may not win, or that our vote for an independent candidate will backfire and seat the person we really don’t want, then we will never see the type of change that we want to see.

    Politics as usual ends and liberty begins when Mike Dunafon moves into the governor’s mansion!

    Mike Dunafon for Governor!

    • Shane Martin

      You’re paid to post this PR for Mike Dunafon, how many others here, clicked on a few names and nothing comes up, interesting. You are employed by HootSuite for Mike Dunafon’s PR. Of course they bought his facebook likes, I guess Dhaka, Bangladesh was inexpensive. Unfortunately in the USA lying for politicians is employment.

  • tomkaah

    I am excited for the prospect of Dunafon and a Independent Governor for a Independent Colorado.

    That said, I would like to see a serious campaign from Dunafon in order to vote for him. Reposting Facebook memes and making YouTube videos in front of a fireplace isn’t going to build the statewide coalition needed to defeat a D or R.

  • Leah Andrews

    ” We’ve got to accept the liberty of everybody. We can’t pick and choose.” – Mike Dunafon

    60 for 60 showed a large amount of support from 18-25 years old. Support from a young but most importantly new voting generation who, among other things, want to see the acceptance of liberty for everyone. Not just absolute liberty for some and limited for “others.” This support is not just coming as a result of seeing a politician speaking of the forgotten fundamentals, but perhaps as an acceptance of the challenge. By that I mean, this is more than “put up or shut up” with regard to running for governor, but more importantly “put up or shut up” with regard to keeping ones’ word. Not compromising beliefs on behalf of special interests, party affiliation, etc. And therefore setting an example for the right as well as the left. Not to reiterate the definition of insanity, but if you know what to expect from the big two, ( and you don’t like it) then perhaps its time to give someone else an opportunity.

    • Snarky Cosmos

      It’s not just 18 – 25 year olds that are fed up with the status quo. I’m in my late 50’s and I consider the two major parties the equivalent of two sides of the same dirty coin found in the gutter.

      I want a smaller less intrusive government that practices fiscal responsibility. I want our personal freedoms restored.

  • Leah Andrews

    In my previous comment I clearly address the 60 for 60 challenge with regard to the 18-25 age range. The original article above mentions this as well. I know for a fact that 18-25 yr olds are not the only people who are fed up with the status quo, and in no way did I imply that.

  • Shane Martin

    Yes his “facebook like campaign 60 for 60” resulted in most popular age group 18-25 and most popular city Dhaka, Bangladesh. As Mike Dunafon says in his American Spring video, “…we should have learned this lesson from the Arab Spring. The greatest militaries and greatest intelligence agencies on this planet could not keep up with Twitter.” This appeals to the terrorists of Joel’s Army, the brainwashed millenial generation. This video is the 2-minute planning session video posted 2 months ago by Dunafon.

    Dunafaon blocked free speech, rather than respond to questions such as about the Glendale, CO, police officer indicted in January, pled guilty in February to using city resources for aiding in drug dealing. Scott Balck, 39 y.o. Dunafon never spoke on this, nor as the typical supported by nefarious sources, chooses to avoid truth.

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