Police: Driver running red light hit, killed teenager in Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. -- A 17-year-old boy was killed after the car he was driving was slammed into by the driver of an SUV who is suspected of running a red light at a high rate of speed, Aurora Police said Monday morning.

The accident happened about 12:15 a.m. at East Colfax Avenue and Dayton Street, closing Colfax for 5 1/2 hours. Aurora Police later identified the teen as Juan Carlos Dominguez-Palomino of Aurora.

Dozens of people, including family and friends of the young man, gathered to remember him late Monday night at the scene of the crash.

Police say Dominguez-Palomino was going east on Colfax in a blue Chevrolet Camaro when he was hit by the Ford Expedition that was traveling north on Dayton. He died at the scene.

The driver of the SUV was injured and taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to survive. It's not known how long he will be hospitalized.

Police say it appears speed and alcohol might have been a factor. The driver of the SUV could face vehicular homicide charges, police say, and he won't be identified until he is released from the hospital.

Colfax Avenue was closed between Florence and Dallas streets as police investigated, but it reopened at about 5:30 a.m.



  • Robert Gift

    So sorry.
    May have been a simple human error by the SUV driver.

    When we receive a green signal, we look left, then right as we take off, to see if other vehicles have stopped. Has saved me from getting broad-sided several times, once by a vehicle on So. Santa Fe Drive traveling at 45 mph speed limit.
    When approaching any intersection, I also try to see if any cross-traffic is coming.

    • Guesnier Guesnier

      Are you delusional Robert or just don’t read the facts. The SUV driver was an illegal Drunk Mexican with many prior arrests for drunk driving and shouldn’t even be living here in the states. A Human Error for blowing through a Red light at 80 mph drunk….Give me a break!

      • Robert Gift

        ^ My comment was prior to updated information that Ever Olivos-Gutierrez was apparently driving drunk and at 80 mph.
        You need to learn that articles may be updated.

        I frequently drive after midnight. As I near intersections I try to observe approaching cross-traffic.
        Am ready to turn away from an inevitable collision to lessen impact forces. Glance is better than direct hit.

        Why was 17-year-old Juan driving after midnight with school that morning?

    • linda1263

      Robert, are you trying to insinuate that this was the 17 year old’s fault because he was out? or the parents fault because he was out? That’s far reaching and crude. bad things happen to good people, and him being out that late doesn’t mean his parents were bad.

      • Robert Gift

        Not insinuating. Directly questioning why a 17-year-old is out after midnight when school early that morning?
        He should not have been hit and killed. He has every right to be out at that time.
        But we also know that more idiots (drinking drivers) are out then.

        So sorry that Juan was not at home asleep, ready to get up, refreshed, for school hours later.

  • Tom Sanders

    YEA….human error all right…..i drive all day and the drivers in this town are the worst i have ever seen…speed 20-30mph over the speed limit…tailgate you going 80mph in a 55mph zone…cut you off….constant phones on their ears…more hit and runs than any state in the country…absolute jackasses….yea juman error allright.

    • Robert Gift

      Yes, doncha hate it when you’re going 80 in a 55 mph zone and someone tailgates you? (Actually, I have never cared if anyone is tailgating me. In my vacuum they are saving fuel and producing less air pollution!)

      I have seen people going well over the speed limit where such creates no hazard whatsoever.
      Why is westbound I-70 down hill from the Eisenhower Tunnel only 60 mph? Three lanes, gentle curves, no intersections. Because of the speed differential of slow trucks in lane 3?

      Yes, the SUV driver may have simply missed his red signal. Such happens every day.
      Broadside collisions are the most difficult to absorb and survive.
      So sorry for the young man.

  • Tom Sanders

    OH…lets not forget mindless fools that walk right out into traffic and the bike riders that think they can ride right out in the middle of traffic and the motorcyle fools that go 100mph in between cars.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ No one if forgetting any of this needless, horrible tragedy.
      Our hearts go out to Juan’s family and friends.
      Now reported that the SUV driver may have been DUI.

      • Ann Pirie

        Murder and no less. This guy was unable to run, but I bet he would have if he could have. That is the other ingredient that needs to be harshly dealt, running! Running is so prevalent that it is now announced when it is not a h/r.

  • Fast45

    Very sad for Juan and his family and friends. I agree with the calls for justice.

    Now that we are thinking about justice, what about the hoard of illegal felons who are immune from prosecution from our lying, pandering political system?

  • jaaws72

    This is just sad to me. Sometimes people don’t know when to say the right things. Let’s put ourselves in these people’s shoes take a second and imagine your son, daughter, wife, husband, mother anybody related to you! I’m sure you would be feeling the same way this family does. And for anyone to think that this was an “human error” is out of there minds this driver was going 80mph on colfax!!!!!! At least be respectful to this family and stop posting things that are absolutely unecessary. My thoughts & prayers go out to them as I am very close to this family!

  • Robert Gift

    80 miles per hour not in original report. SUV thought to be traveling on Dayton St.
    DUI suspected – as often the case in running red signals or stop signs.

    Posting here has nothing to do with being respectful to the family.
    Th.is not a funeral register.

    Was Juan wearing seat-belts? Can make a difference in a broadside collisions from the right.

  • Paul Kitchen

    senseless accident, but i haven’t heard anyone ask why this underage teen was out driving around after midnight? my parents wouldn’t have allowed me out that late, is our society slipping that bad?

  • alozoya115

    Paul kitchen read my comment to Robert then you’ll see and if you still got something to say email me too and we’ll meet up cuz all the ignorant comments are getting in my fuccing Nerves Juan was a great kid and we need more like him..

  • Robert Gift

    1. Try using English – if you can.
    2. Correct, I did not know Juan. Such is irrelevant.
    3. We’re to know it was Spring break?
    4. Was Juan wearing seat-belts?
    (Sorry that your comment will be deleted. Can’t make threats. No profanity.)

  • alozoya115

    Wow you’re the most ignorant person I’ve met! I would like to catch you around town and have a coffee. I would like to know why you think your the saint of the century. Mr. perfect I bet you read it all took you long to respond.

    • Robert Gift

      Much better! [You’re]
      I be a driver destructor and am in EMS. (I’ve seen almost all.)
      No skeletons.

      Every day I see people, especially minority-appearing occupants, not wearing seat-belts.

      My Mexican girlfriend said that many Mexicans do not wear seat-belts. She wondered why not? Is it a “macho” thing?

      She attended the funeral of a Mexican man killed in an auto accident.
      He was not wearing seat-belts and died in a survivable collison.

      I asked her to see how many arriving at his funeral were not wearing seatlbelts.
      Most that she saw were NOT!

      Juan may have been doing wonderful things but that does not matter about this. Wonderful people are injured and killed every day.

      I did not say that being struck was Juan’s fault.
      Was he wearing seat-belts?
      Drivers have survived horrible broadside crashes from the right because they were wearing seat-belts.

      (Learn the word “ignorant” so that you can correctly use it.)

  • alozoya115

    Ok you want proper English here you go. Why act like a saint which with as old as you look you should have some skeletons in your closet. you need to respect that a person that was alive that had family died suddenly because of a careless person killed him ended him ended his career. How do you know he wasn’t doing something for his parents, and weren’t you out at 12 with you friends at their house? you think a senior in high school and going to college at the same time would do some like that when they would drive like grandpa give me a break. Ignorant people like you that go on here blindsided only going off by a teen was dead, and expect the teen to be at fault? Get out of here with that bull. And if you wanna meet up and have a discussion about how our different point of views come together we can arrange that. I’m not going to let you try, and dirty one of the most respectful kids that I’ve met in my 19 years living.

  • Robert Gift

    My wife – I met in China.

    My Mexican girlfriend was years earlier. Still have her picture of us on my tandem bicycle!

    She helped me write an article for La Voz about Mexicans not wearing seat-belts and needlessly dying.
    Proves I’m an uncaring racist, yes?

    At this moment I am on-call for emergency medical transport and use the computer here.

    So, how many of your Mexican acquaintances wear seat-belts?

    Can you imagine those people going to the funeral of a man they knew died because he was not wearing seat-belts and they did not use theirs?

    But you can pretend it’s racist and did not happen.

    • alozoya115

      I said proof right you can email it. For my family everyone wears their seat belts yet I’ve had family members killed by a seat belt too so they don’t save you all the time.

      • Robert Gift

        Sorry about those who were killed.
        They likely would have been killed if not wearing seat-belts.
        Correct, some impacts are just too great and we die even when wearing seat-belts.
        But far better to wear seat-belts.

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