Girl who shaved head to support friend fighting cancer, allowed back to school

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A 9-year-old girl was kept out of class Monday, because of her support for a friend who is fighting cancer. Tuesday night, the board of the charter school reversed its decision.

Kamryn Renfrom decided to have a big makeover -- shaving off all of her hair in solidarity with a friend who was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer.

"I was really excited I would have somebody to support me and I wouldn't be alone with people always laughing at me. I would at least have somebody to go through it all," says Delaney Clements, who just began chemotherapy.

But Kamryn's school, Caprock Academy, has a policy against shaved heads for girls. The school told her she couldn't come back to class until she got a wig or her natural hair grew back because her shaved head violates the dress code.

Kamryn's mother emailed the school explaining why she got the extreme haircut, but administrators at first said they couldn't make exceptions.

The board of the charter school voted 3-1 Tuesday night to allow Kamryn back to school without wearing a wig. The members were making an exception to the rule based on "extraordinary circumstances."

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports the board member who voted no said he was worried it would set a precedent for policy waivers.

Since this story started getting worldwide media attention the school had already changed its tune.

FOX31 Denver learned late Monday afternoon that officials planned to hold the executive session Tuesday to review the policy. In addition, Kamryn had already been invited back to school Tuesday.

"She got up, got ready, and held her head high as she walked into her classroom this morning," Kamryn's mom, Jamie Renfro wrote on her Facebook page. "To say her dad and I are proud, is a total understatement."



  • goodearl (@goodearl)

    This country is only getting better. :)

    I wonder how most reactions would have been if the title of this story was something like “School revises dress code policy to accommodate girl with shaved head supporting friend with cancer.”

  • Charles Swann

    Okay this is insane. This girl did something compassionate and caring to support a friend and now is being discriminated against by an unthinking school system. Perhaps if they thought beyond their rulebooks and realized that this could be a moral lesson for the other children that could teach important values of humanity they themselves obviously need to learn they will let this child back in school as she is.

  • Eunice Gosman

    Hitler want everyone the same too. His goal was uniformity. What has this country come to, you can’t show charter and support a friend, you can’t have a my little pony backpack, we want our children to have individual personalities, but we are putting them all in the same package. We need to back off the making everyone the same, liberals are taking away church, compassion and children’s ability to make good choices. Shame on parents to let the government take over the children.

  • Jeff Bender

    Why would you discourage a student for doing the right thing. Standing up against childhood cancer is a beautiful thing. When I was a courier i had to take x-rays to Childrens and let me tell you it was devistating for me. Started taking small toys like superball, top that kind of thing just to give them a smile in an otherwise hopeless day. The teachers of this school should experience something like that so they may become aware since they obviously have NO common sense.

  • Lee Anne Carnell

    This story upsets me. As a teacher, I see so many instances where awful behavior and bullying are tolerated and sometimes even overlooked…but a young girl showing compassion and support for a friend is met with immediate reprimand? Way to keep your school safe!!

  • Chanda Sue

    This bothers me to no end, so I called the school. I asked to speak to someone about the situation and was informed that there is more to the story but it can’t be discussed for privacy reasons. They said she was never kicked out of school and that the board of directors were looking for a way to make an adjustment to the policy. The woman I spoke to said that they were very proud of Kamryn and that she is there at school today.

    How true all of that is… who knows? Either way it sounds like Kamryn’s brave act of showing love for her friend in such a profound way has reached far more people than she could ever have imagined.

    Prayers for all who have fought cancer.

  • Susie Smith Dial

    Seems to me that schools are saying yes to common core but no to common sense. Instead of a teaching moment on childhood cancer and compassion the school has created a teaching moment on administrative bullying and lack of compassion.

  • Terri Lynn Billings Garvin

    What I would like to know is what about the child that is fighting cancer and is bald? Is the school going to also tell her she has to wear a wig?? And if she doesn’t wear a wig are they going to say she can’t come to school?? I applaud Kamryn for supporting her friend during this difficult time! She is a hero! And the school officials are horrible. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are setting a poor example of moral character to the students!

  • Renee Smith

    SHAME on the school… Show some compassion, she did. Kamryn, we stand by YOU for standing by your friend. You are a good friend.

    Maybe the rest of your classmates should shave their hair in support of both you girls. Congratulations on being a great friend, friends like you are hard to find these days. Good job, Young Lady!!

  • Luke Presson

    This little Girl Kamryn is braver and has more sense than the entire Grand junction School Board. Good for her supporting her friend and helping her to be able to return to school and not be embarresed because she lost her hair. The entire school board should pray to god he will for give them. The little Girl has more hart than the whole lot of them. If I were a parent in that district I would start a drive to remove all the idiots on the school board at that school. They should have praise her for her concern for her friend. Would love to meet the idiots and tell them exactly what I think of them all. Not one christan in the lot.

  • robbie357

    This sort of lunacy happens when weak-minded, weak-moral, and generally unconfident leaders should actually make decisions. They can’t…They CAN’T make decisions on their own, so they adhere to the beloved rules-book and community/communal consensus. NOT a consensus on how/why to alter a rule for a unique situation, but rather to even follow the errant rule as its written. Their decisions have a communal nature. That is, they are definable as “communists.”

    And I am not playing with words. those of you whom have worked in China or Communist nations, know this to be true. Priority-one is to do NOTHING without communal consensus…and then, shield yourself from making any decision based upon that consensus. Find someone else to pick that up.

  • Allen Bertrand

    Kamryn, you are truly an inspiration to us all. God Bless You for your courage, bravery, and compassion. And to her parents, good up the great work. You are raising one great child here. I was so outraged at the idiocy of the school system when I read this story. But we must not lose sight of the fact that this was about a friend showing love to another friend. And we must not forget about little Delaney. Delaney, you will get through this battle because you have friends who love you like Kamryn. The school board should be ashamed of themselves and should all resign.

  • Ewan Trees-Thiesing

    They should have had board meeting BEFORE banning Kamryn. There is always an exception to the rule. That’s what RULES are!! Good job girls, so proud of you. I have just had my last round of Chemotherapy and know EXACTLT what Kamryn is going through. Your very brave and will be just fine. You are in my prayers, honey <3

  • Casey Myers

    We have so many people running our schools that shouldn’t be anywhere near a school. What idiot thought it would be a good idea to ban a girl that shaved her head from school? They allowed her back to school once the idiotic decision was exposed to the public. Whoever made the decision to ban her from school should be fired.

    • Luke Presson

      I completely agree if they fired the person who made this stupid decision. Not alow her back on the shchool grounds. I can guarantee they would be singing a different story!

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