Girl who shaved head to support friend fighting cancer, allowed back to school

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A 9-year-old girl was kept out of class Monday, because of her support for a friend who is fighting cancer. Tuesday night, the board of the charter school reversed its decision.

Kamryn Renfrom decided to have a big makeover -- shaving off all of her hair in solidarity with a friend who was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer.

"I was really excited I would have somebody to support me and I wouldn't be alone with people always laughing at me. I would at least have somebody to go through it all," says Delaney Clements, who just began chemotherapy.

But Kamryn's school, Caprock Academy, has a policy against shaved heads for girls. The school told her she couldn't come back to class until she got a wig or her natural hair grew back because her shaved head violates the dress code.

Kamryn's mother emailed the school explaining why she got the extreme haircut, but administrators at first said they couldn't make exceptions.

The board of the charter school voted 3-1 Tuesday night to allow Kamryn back to school without wearing a wig. The members were making an exception to the rule based on "extraordinary circumstances."

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports the board member who voted no said he was worried it would set a precedent for policy waivers.

Since this story started getting worldwide media attention the school had already changed its tune.

FOX31 Denver learned late Monday afternoon that officials planned to hold the executive session Tuesday to review the policy. In addition, Kamryn had already been invited back to school Tuesday.

"She got up, got ready, and held her head high as she walked into her classroom this morning," Kamryn's mom, Jamie Renfro wrote on her Facebook page. "To say her dad and I are proud, is a total understatement."



  • Vincent Wolf

    Every girl at the school should now shave their heads to support the suspended girl who was supporting a cancer friend. It’s ridiculous she was penalized for that. Schools have no common sense anymore and are counterproductive at educating our children. The school is only teaching her that schools are dumb.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Now every student at the school should shave their heads in support of the suspended girl. Then let’s see if the school has the guts to suspend EVERY student. Parents would then yank their kids out and the school would go bankrupt. Serves them right for having no common sense.

  • Robert LaCoe

    You people in Colorado need to start to screen people moving to your state. If they say 2+2 = 3 is ok do NOT let them in. If they support blanket amnesty throw them back. If they are afraid of guns and couples where a man and woman aqre married block theur enterance. You have a disease where people loose all their common sense, and it is endemic in Calif, and most East Coast states. The litttle ghirl should have been supported and held up to show others what compassion looks like. FOOLS, FOOLS, FOOLS !!!

  • irishmanknowsall

    Zero Tolerance is so stupid. What is wrong with these adults? This loving, lovely child should have been praised for her actions, then asked to wear a hat, maybe. This is so wrong, ridiculous, and stupid. The only possible step now, is for many of her classmates to join her. There is strength in numbers. Let’s watch the adults react then. How moronic. Shame on every adult involved in the decision.

  • trishrbennett

    It seems to me that this school has no compassion for their students. This is a child who went to extra mile and then some to make another child who was sick and being made fun of to boot feel comfortable. If anything this little girl should be commended for her most gracious act of kindness. I have and 8yr old little girl who has Alopecia Universalsis (she has no hair what so ever and never will) and I believe that in no way would any student who shaved their hair in support of her would be punished at our school. What kind of world are we living in when we are condemned even punished for caring for and supporting others?

  • Carol Maenle

    Good Job!!! Lets punish our children for doing what to them is the right thing. It’s no wonder more children are doing the wrong thing; they don’t get punished for that!

  • bluerabbit

    Let me get this straight–a charter school with conservative rules (girls are supposed to look like “girls”) and a conservative curriculum does something stupid and “liberals” are blamed? This policy does not exist in that district’s regular (not charter–semi-private) “state” schools. Hmm, fascinating. I learn something every day.

  • Don Williams

    Can someone please explain what prevented this girl’s parents from contacting the school ahead of time and asking for an exemption from the “no shaved heads” rule?

  • Keith Charles Johnson

    My first thought was that the school administration was being just a tad bit parochial in their use of the dress code, but then I realized that they are in Colorado, and it came clear to me.They must be hitting the bong and their thinking is clouded.

    • Dennis Dixon

      Drew, do not be disturbed. Every litter has a runt and this is ust how life is. That person sees the reversal as a relinquishing of POWER and is against losing power over people, no matter how minor. Those are today’s cruel plantation owners trying to make us all slaves.

  • americanbetsy

    This is the radical left hard at work, all over Colorado. The teachers are child haters and mindless goons, agents of the “progressive” left agenda. Hitler valued uniformity in humans also. BAAAA SHEEEP BAA!

  • Dennis Dixon

    So the school voted to “make an exception” to the dress code. Diversity is what makes us strong and any attempt to force us all to “conform” is fascist. School dress codes should be minimal requirements enforced judiciously and only when it interferes with learning, nothing more. People should resist being put into a box, labeled and placed upon a shelf! True freedom is having all the freedom that God intended.

  • Lori (@lordog)

    Wow, a lot of hatred on this thread, disguised as support for this brave little girl. I stand behind her 100% and feel bad for those of you who use this forum as a way to bash others (hmm, calling people who kicked her out of school “communists”? Really? Do you know that following a rule book someone wrote long ago is actually the antithesis of communism?) Your misguided political rantings aside, I have a deep compassion for both girls and hope that the school administrators are wholeheartedly ashamed at their actions.Not because of some misguided attempt to affiliate them with a political party, but because what they did was wrong. Kudos, Kamryn, you are an inspiration!!!

    • Dennis Dixon

      The “others” you speak of are deserving of a little bashing, don’t you think? They are nothing less than bullies treading upon the rights of a 9 y/o girl who is exercising her rights to freely express support for a friend. Those people aren’t “communists” as you allege but “Fascists” as I put it. Hatred? Not for people but for their actions. There is a difference. Subtle maybe but significant, Lori.

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