Two arrested on hash oil charges following explosion

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DENVER -- Two people were arrested on Sunday in connection with an explosion inside a home in the West Highlands neighborhood that was so strong it blew out the basement windows.

"I heard a loud boom and kind of a real loud muffle of a boom," said James Megas, who lives next door.

That boom was actually an explosion.

Megas owns the duplex and had just rented out the home to two men a couple of weeks ago -- a home that he says is now destroyed.

"The furnace exploded and the duct work exploded," said Megas.

When fire crews arrived they found evidence inside the home of what they believe to be illegal hash oil cooking.

"It's very dangerous. Anytime that you are using butane, propane, any of those types of things to extract something, it can cause significant damage," said Ryan Nuanes of the Denver Fire Department.

Shortly afterward Denver Police handcuffed the two men and arrested them on arson charges

All of this happened in front of families who had just been enjoying the day in their neighborhood. For many it was quite surprising.

"This is a really tight community, our neighbors are all really close to each other but at the same time you really just don't even know what is happening even a block away. So, it's scary," said Sarah Tyler, who lives in West Highlands.

Denver police have not released the names of the men arrested.