Shank pleads guilty for firing AR-15 assault rifle at Longmont officer

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BOULDER, Colo. — Jonathan Shank pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of criminal intent to commit murder and one count of first-degree assault for firing an AR-15 assault rifle at an officer during a routine traffic stop in May.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office said there was no plea deal.

Longmont Police Officer Brent Cairns pulled Shank over at 210 Ken Pratt Blvd. on May 22 because he was driving without his lights on and into the parking lot of the Best Buy just east of Main Street.

But Shank got out and fired the AR-15 assault rifle at the officer, who was able to avoid being hit. In all, 23 shots were fired, with most hitting the patrol car. All but one window was blown out.

Cairns was able to hit Shank at least three times.

A detective with the Longmont Police Department said the department is happy Shank took responsibility.

Shank, 29, faces 48 years in prison and up to a $1 million fine when he is sentenced June 6.


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  • stridentconservative

    What he did was terrible, but what difference, might I ask, does it make that it was a weapon you choose to identify as an “assault” weapon?

    Any weapon used would have been an assault weapon. It’s no more or less one simply because it’s a model the media and the left choose to demonize simply because it looks scary.

    How about reporting the news without the addition code words that serve as nothing more than liberal media bias?

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