Democrats respond to AFP ad with anti-Gardner TV spot

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Congressman Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, in his Washigton, DC office.

DENVER — Less than a month after Congressman Cory Gardner entered Colorado’s U.S. Senate race, the fall campaign is already underway with an early volley of attacks on the airwaves.

A week after Americans For Prosperity launched the first TV ad of the race, an issue-focused salvo urging Coloradans to hold Democratic Sen. Mark Udall accountable for Obamacare, the Senate Majority PAC is responding with its own 30-second spot attacking Gardner’s record.

Called “Closer”, the ad asks viewers to take a closer look at the AFP ad itself, correctly describing the woman featured therein as an actress and arguing that “insurance companies and out-of-state billionaires” are paying for it because of Gardner’s past support for a GOP budget proposal that would have cut Medicare and enriched the insurance industry.

“The more we learn about Congressman Gardner, the more troubling it is,” the male narrator concludes at the end of the ad.

First reported by the Colorado Independent Thursday, the $112,000 ad buy from Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC founded to help senate Democrats outside of the DSCC, is far smaller than the $970,000 AFP buy.

Politifact, the leading fact-checking site in the country, rated the central claim in the AFP ad that under Obamacare “millions are paying more and getting less” as false earlier this week.

“We found their explanation of ‘less’ rather dubious,” Politifact concluded. “Most people on the individual market are getting more benefits under the law. At worst, they’re paying more to get more, though in many cases they’re actually paying less.”