Oreo the cat found safe, returned to his Fort Collins hotel home

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- A three-day outing for Oreo, the official "mascot" of the historic Armstrong Hotel in Old Town, ended midweek when some folks who happened to be staying at the hotel found the 10-year old big kitty wandering in the alley just down the block from the hotel.

“They had seen the signage we had put up about the abduction and carried her back to us,” manager Shannon McKinnon said. “We are so glad social media helped play a role in finding our Oreo!”

On Saturday, during St. Patrick's Day festivities, two men who staff says appeared to be drunk came in the hotel looking for a room. They didn’t know the Armstrong is booked about 95 percent of the time.

When told there were no rooms, the pair left only to come back when the desk was empty, at which time they scooped up Oreo and left with the well-known cat. What they didn’t know was the video cameras caught the cat-napping on tape, giving police a good look at them.

After three days on the lamb, Oreo was found a bit hungry and dehydrated, but uninjured and by late Wednesday she was found and brought back to the friendly confines of the Armstrong Hotel. A story that could have ended badly has the happiest of endings.



  • Karen Mary Castranova

    I’m not sure your post will create a popularity campaign for you or your tasteless joke. This was a relatively serious ordeal because this cat meant a lot to the owners of the hotel and the people of Fort Collins. Can you comprehend that? The guys who stole her were idiots and put her in danger by simply “letting her go.” She was dehydrated and hungry when found. She could’ve been killed easily. Animals are helpless creatures who need us as compassionate people to care for them. Attempting to harm one is considered inhumane.

    Glad you’re home safe Oreo. We love you!

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