Under attack, Udall, Democrats focus on Koch brothers

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Charles and David Koch.

DENVER — It’s Colorado Sen. Mark Udall’s name on the November ballot, but Democrats are working hard to make this fall’s midterm elections a referendum on the billionaire Koch brothers.

With growing unease about sinking poll numbers and the increasingly real possibility of losing control of the Senate, Democrats have realized that even the most full-throated defense of Obamacare may not save several vulnerable members from losing their seats.

That’s why so many Colorado Democrats were actually trying to draw attention to the new TV ad attacking Udall that began airing Monday — because it’s paid for by Americans For Prosperity, a conservative SuperPAC that operates largely on money from billionaires Charles and David Koch.

Since October, AFP has spent $30 million to run ads attacking Democrats over Obamacare.

“The American people don’t want to have their elections bought by just a few people. I think it’s very important that people know who’s paying for these ads,” Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told POLITICO.

A few weeks ago, the DSCC launched a website, www.kochaddiction.com, depicting the Kansas-based Koch (pronounced “Coke”) brothers as self-serving oil barons who pay huge sums to try to “buy” elections and advance their agenda of low taxes and less regulation.

Democrats accuse the Koch brothers of peddling phony Obamacare horror stories to weaken Udall and other Democrats who supported the landmark healthcare law.

In the 30-second AFP ad that started airing Monday in Denver and Colorado Springs, a female actor (she appears in an identical version of the ad also airing in Louisiana) offers broad talking points about policy cancellations and spiking premiums.

“People don’t like political ads. I don’t like them either,” she says into the camera. “But health care isn’t about politics. It’s about people.”

The Udall campaign responded by blasting the Koch brothers, and Congressman Cory Gardner, the Republican Udall is likely to face in the fall.

“The Koch brothers are pouring their tainted money into our state because they know Congressman Cory Gardner will continue fighting for their interests, not Coloradans’,” said Chris Harris, Udall’s campaign spokesman.

“Mark Udall has a long record fighting for to protect Colorado’s way of life and working for real change without compromising his principles or our Colorado values. Coloradans take their independence seriously. As we saw in 2008 and 2010, Colorado voters don’t take their cues from dark money groups that bombard the airwaves with misleading attacks.”

A Democratic group called Protect Your Care also issued a statement calling the ad “recycled” and blasting AFP for using “an out-of-state actor” to help the Koch brothers “take health care away from millions of Americans who now have health insurance, including more than 220,000 Coloradans who have signed up through the state’s exchange.”

And Udall’s campaign and Organizing For Action, President Obama’s political network, are now sending fundraising requests to supporters urging them to fight back against “groups are spreading myths and scare tactics.”

Gardner’s campaign has been silent thus far, but AFP is promising that the TV ad that began airing Monday is just the beginning.

“I’m sure Sen. Udall doesn’t like people being  reminded that he supports ObamaCare, or that he lied to Coloradans when he promised we could all keep our health care plan and our doctors if we liked them,” said AFP’s Colorado director, Dustin Zvonek.

“Unfortunately for Senator Udall, these TV ads are only part of our overall efforts to hold him accountable. In the coming weeks will engage our network of nearly 68,000 Colorado activists to hold phone banks and go door-to-door reminding Coloradan’s that Senator Udall continues to put his allegiance to the Presidents failed health care policy before the needs of the people he represents.”

Also, Colorado’s top conservative blog mocked the coordinated Democratic outrage over the Kochs and their ads, arguing that the content therein — “millions of people have lost their health insurance…millions of people can’t see their own doctor…millions are paying more and getting less,” the woman in the ad says — speaks for itself.

“Bang the table and shout at the top of your lungs Lefties because these statements are true and Udall is fully culpable for each of them,” write the folks at Colorado Peak Politics.

In Colorado, the state Dept. of Insurance has estimated that around 250,000 Coloradans have had their health insurance policies cancelled under Obamacare; a majority of those people, however, have been offered replacement plans — in many cases more expensive, in some cases less — that meet new federal coverage mandates that are also part of the law.



  • Michael Leach

    The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party knows no bounds…They have no problem receiving funds from their own donors with deep pockets and agenda’s (ahem, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, et al !!!) to effect their will on Colorado citizens, but they don’t want their adversaries having the same resources to fight with…

  • coloradocommish

    Right on Cue… Another brave attempt at “reporting” by ‘Eli, The Water Carrier’… The Koch Brothers are pikers, compared to donors on the Left…. Missing from Mr. Stokol’s “Report”…(In order of Total $$$’s Donated)…
    1) ActBlue ~ 97 Million
    2) American Fed. of Employees ~ 60 Million
    6) Intl. Brotherhood of Electric ~ 45 Million
    8) United Auto Workers ~ 41 Million
    9) Carpenters ~ 39 Million
    10) SEIU ~ 38 Million
    11) Laborers Union ~ 37 Million
    12) American Fed. of Teachers ~ 36 Million
    13)Teamsters ~ 36 Million
    14) Communications Workers ~ 36 Million
    15) UFCW ~ 33 Million
    ALL to the DNC…and used in Colorado….
    Oh yeah…. Koch Industries… at #59 ~ 18 Million… Yes, mostly to the RNC.

    Time to get serious Mr Stokols… the Truth DOES matter.

  • SpamFace Plant

    Comments are right on the money sources from the left. The left crew has been fighting class warfare and war on poverty for 50+ years without
    success. Left keeps the uneducated beat down and and dependent on government so they have perpetual voting machine!!! Wish these folks would wake up and see who isn’t helping them.

  • ertdfg

    “In Colorado, the state Dept. of Insurance has estimated that around 250,000 Coloradans have had their health insurance policies cancelled under Obamacare”

    ” 220,000 Coloradans who have signed up through the state’s exchange.”

    NEVER try to help me if you think this is a job well done.

    If the goal was to reduce the uninsured, why is increasing that number by 30,000?

    “Mark Udall has a long record fighting for to protect Colorado’s way of life and working for real change”

    Well 30,000 MORE uninsured AND higher insurance costs is a “real change” Senator. It’s just not a GOOD change.

  • Asok Smith

    On behalf of the millions who are being screwed by obamacare, if I had a million dollars, I too would run ads against Udall for being the 60th vote for obamacare on behalf of the millions who are being screwed by this monstrosity. But since I don’t have such a spare million dollars, I thank the Koch brothers from the bottom of my heart for doing this on my behalf and the millions of others being destroyed by obamacare.

  • tpaine1

    Hey, Udall said he’d be the deciding vote on the ObamaCon Tax all over again. That’s ALL I need to know.

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