4-year-old Longmont kidnapping victim reunited with his family

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- Police issued an Amber Alert Wednesday morning for 4-year-old Allen Chavarria-Rodriquez, who was in a vehicle that was stolen from a gas station in Longmont.

Shortly after 6:30 a.m., the kidnapping escalated into a high-speed chase that began on southbound Interstate 25 towards Denver, moved onto Interstate 76 towards Brighton and continued onto E 470 southbound.

Police later identified 29-year-old Ryan Stone as the suspect in the kidnapping and carjacking, who was taken into police custody after the chase -- authorities said Stone has a long criminal history and considered him to be very dangerous.

Martha Rodriguez, the 4-year-old's mother, told Longmont's Times-Call she had gone into the gas station for a cup of coffee and saw Stone inside the store. After paying for her coffee, she left the store to find her vehicle and son missing.

She immediately returned to the store and reported the crime.

Raul Chavarria, the boy's father, called Rodriguez when she was late dropping off their son -- he said she answered the phone crying.

Longmont Police Detective Steve Desmond told the newspaper Stone left his ID in the vehicle he abandoned on eastbound I-76.

Chavarria-Rodriquez was reunited with his family late Wednesday morning at the Brighton police station, according to Longmont Police Department spokesperson Jeffrey Satur.

The 4-year-old told the Times-Call the car chase was fast and he cried a little, but Stone never spoke to him.

Satur said the boy was examined by medical professionals following the chase.

Both parents expressed gratitude for the law enforcement efforts to return their son to them unharmed.

Rodriguez said she wants to see Stone punished, but Chavarria wasn't as stern.

"I don't know what to say to that," he said.

The mother will not face charges for leaving her son in the running vehicle, said Satur, as law enforcement did not feel she had been negligent in regards to her child.

"It is not like she left her kid in the car for hours on end," he said. "She just parked outside the business and walked in and the guy jumped in the car. So, we're talking maybe 15 or 20 feet."



  • Russell Cairns

    I don’t understand why she is not being charged. To my understanding “Puffing” was against the law. She did endangered her child’s life because she increased the chances that someone could/would steal the car seeing that it was unlocked and running.

  • Robert Gift

    Mother should have been charged, but understandable being compassionate in not charging her after such an emotional trauma.

    So easy to turn off the engine and take keys with you for the 1/2-minute you’re away.
    I would never leave the ignition on in case of an electrical fire.

  • Sian Wright Runyan

    Seriously not going to be winning any “Mom of the Year” awards! What a selfish and stupid parent, to have left such a young child in the vehicle, much less leave it running! Last time I checked, most auto insurance companies wouldn’t compensate for the loss of a vehicle if it were found that the keys were left inside, yet I see people do this ALL the time!

  • Robert Collins

    It was 6:30am, pretty cold, and I’ll assume the kids was asleep. Probably left the car running for the heater. Not a smart move on moms part but who expects their car to be jacked in the three minutes it takes to grab a cup of joe?

  • Kim Mills-Borchers

    The mother has been through enough today, people. Leave her alone. She knows she made a mistake and she had the stuffing scared out of her. The person that needs to be punished with life in prison is the jerk who hijacked the car with the little boy inside. He has an 11-page rap sheet for crying out loud.

  • kreegs817

    That man was in the wrong but….. That mother should be charged for leaving a 4 year old in a running vehicle, i wouldn’t even leave my 9 year old in my car with the doors locked and car shut off!!! Do people not learn? QUIT putting your children in harms way!! It makes me sick that it’s ok for her to walk away with not so much as a ticket!!

  • bouldernative28

    She Probably didn’t even have a DL or registration and insurance. But I bet they’ve ticketed some parent before for leaving their child in a running car and I bet they called social services.

  • 777 (@ca5386)

    The Madre no habre english probaly an illegal allien her and her anchor caused alot of proberty damage. As well as hurt and almost killed a state trooper maybe if she hadn’t broke our laws by crossing our borders this might not have happened.

  • evaporate1958

    If all laws are not enforced get rid of them. Probably will read about how this mom left her 4 year old in a car again and something new will happen. Puffing is a law right? Neglect is something of a law right? Yep, the guy who took off with the little guy is going to get his. So should the mom, she is lucky but she should get a reminder. Has nothing to do with being compassionate or not, it has everything to do with law.

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