In video, Colorado Democrats focus on Gardner’s record

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DENVER — Colorado Democrats are out with a new video highlighting a handful of Congressman Cory Gardner’s past votes and positions, wasting no time trying to define the newly-minted GOP Senate candidate just weeks after he launched a late bid to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Udall.

The one-minute video focuses on Gardner’s support for the 2010 Personhood initiative, which would have effectively banned abortion in Colorado, a House GOP budget plan that would have “ended Medicare as we know it”, and his opposition to a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants as part of comprehensive immigration reform.

Democrats also included the CBS News report showing Gardner on a 2012 fishing trip junket with oil and gas lobbyists; the caption over the video clips: “He even vacations with Washington lobbyists.”

“When voters learn about Gardner’s record, they’ll see he’s too reckless, rigid and wrong for Colorado,” said Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio. “Once they look past his slick style, Colorado voters will see he represents the same rigid ideology that they have rejected time and time again.”

Gardner, considered a rising star within the House GOP caucus, has long harbored ambitions beyond the House; but he had never noticeably tempered a conservative voting record that, while representing his sprawling, rural district, seemed outside the mainstream of the state’s overall electorate.

Based on his early messaging, Gardner is content to hammer Udall over his support for Obamacare.

Democrats, as the video and a string of policy-focused press releases last week, are determined not to allow Gardner to run a single-issue campaign and are working hard to tie him to his votes and to an unpopular Congress.

“Coloradans are tired of reckless partisanship,” Palacio said. “They’re tired of shutdowns. They’re tired of gridlock.”

Gardner, for his part, has blamed Udall and the Democrat-controlled Senate for blocking much of the legislation to come out of the GOP-controlled House.


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  • coloradocommish

    Thank you Mr. Stokols… but Cory Gardner doesn’t need your help to beat Mark Udall…
    We already know that he advocates for a more responsible government, protecting the Sovereignty of the US, creating our own clean energy in our own country, not rewarding law breaking/illegal immigrants with amnesty but asking them to follow existing Federal Law, protecting some Rights of the Unborn, giving American’s back their choice of Health Care, and, honestly…. I don’t know if you really want to Open up the can of worms related to Expensive Travel, do you?

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