First Boulder County pot cafe to open in Nederland

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NEDERLAND, Colo. — Boulder County will welcome its first marijuana cafe, set to open in Nederland sometime in the next few weeks.

According to Boulder’s Daily Camera, Club Ned owners, Cheryl Fanelli and her husband, David, announced plans to open a cannabis cafe at 154 Hwy 72 in the next several weeks.

The new comes after a 14-month struggle to get both local and state approval, reported the Daily Camera.

Described as a private establishment where members canĀ  go to smoke pot, Cheryl Fanelli said she’s thrilled about the news and added that none of it would have been possible without the support of the town of Nederland.

Amendment 64 made the sale of recreational pot legal, however, smoking it in public is still illegal. This prompted Cheryl Fanelli to give people space to openly partake in cannabis with others.

“People like to socialize, people like to get together,” Cheryl Fanelli told the Daily Camera. “It’s the reason bars are in existence. It’s way cheaper to drink at home, but humans are sociable creatures.”

But the cafe owners’ attorney, Jeff Gard, said achieving the couple’s dream was not easy.

According to Gard, one key issue was the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, which bans indoor smoking of any variety in buildings.

Gard said the establishment had to become a private club with specific restrictions in order to get around the the act.

This prompted another challenge for the Fanellis, as Nederland’s zoning did not allow for private clubs in the area the couple planned to set up shop.

The Fanellis had to get Nederland to change its zoning.

Gard said there was only a small group of people in opposition of changing the zoning, but most were supportive of bringing in the business.

Happy the 14 months of negotiating the obstacles of establishing the cafe is over, Cheryl Fannelli said she was willing to do whatever it took to bring her dreams to fruition.



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