Scammer claiming to be with IRS tells victims they’re in ‘big trouble’

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DENVER -- Don't get ripped off in a telephone scam where the caller claims to be from the IRS.

It might be easier to become a victim because tax season is kicking into high gear.

A man who received such a call Thursday figured out it was a scam before he gave up any of his personal information, but he wants people to be aware so they don't get taken.

The caller is very threatening and insists the victim take immediate action that he's demanding.

Boris Sanchez has more information in his video report.


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  • Lynn Reynolds

    we have not received this, but did receive a suspicious call yesterday from caller id unknown name/private caller. the caller claimed to be from Windows (even had an Indian accent) and stated that our computers were at risk with an infection and he was going to talk us through how to get the infection out of our system. he was very persistent & persuasive, i tried to tell him i had no way of knowing he was who he said he was, he kept pushing, i hung up.

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