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Note to ‘selfish’ couple with ‘screaming baby’ at Colo. ski area hotel: ‘Babies don’t ski!’

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Hostile note featured This note was reportedly slipped under the door of a couple staying at a hotel at a Colorado ski resort in February 2014. Click on the image to see the note in its entirety. (Photo: Facebook / DadOnTheRun)

After struggling through an evening with a crying infant at a hotel reportedly located at a Colorado ski resort recently, a couple awoke to a rather unpleasant surprise in the form of a nasty note slipped under their door.

That note was shared by the mother’s brother on his blog, Dad On The Run, last week. Here’s how it began:

“Thank you for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort and waking up everyone near your room several times during the night. Babies don’t ski, no reason to bring them to a ski resort. They should stay at home with family or nanny.”

The author goes on to suggest that “I never brought my babies to a place like this. I was considerate of others, not selfish.”

“We need more people who think of others and less selfish ones,” the author continued. “Your baby’s screams ruined our sleep on Saturday and Sunday. We planned this trip a year ago to ski hard all day and sleep at night so we could ski all day. Thanks to you, that was not the case. Hope you think of others around on your next trip. Thanks!”

The couple who received the note have not been identified, but the mother’s brother has revealed they were staying at a hotel located near a Colorado ski resort.

The mother’s brother was irked by the note, who said he assured his distraught sister and brother-in-law that “they are not doing anything wrong” and that both are “considerate” and “kind people.” The unidentified blogger obviously feels different about the author of the note, who he seems to consider equally (if not more) selfish and cowardly.

“Perhaps, if you had yelled back or pounded on the headboard then the thinness of the walls would have been more evident to the struggling parents,” the blogger wrote. “Then again, such an act of directness would have identified yourself as the petty selfish person you are. Personally, I think you knew that, which is why instead, you decided to lay your opinion out anonymously and with no consideration of what was happening within the room or who the people are you were addressing.”

Mostly, it seems the blogger believes the individual who left the note is traversing a slippery slope without any support wires.

“If it’s not a child, it will be a dog; if it’s not a dog, it will be a group of drunken fraternity members, or a construction crew, or a leaky faucet. Maybe loud lovers, the TV in the next room, or a neighbor who leaves their radio clock on all night that will disturb your slumber,” the blogger wrote. “It’s always something, isn’t it?

“I teach my children we can’t control the actions of others, but we can control our own reactions. We can choose every day whether to let life’s little inconveniences make us miserable, or to smile and carry on.”



  • Robert Gift

    I agree with the note-writer.

    Dumbrother, “pounding on the wall” would have accomplished nothing.
    Making the parents aware would have enabled them to stop the screaming?
    If a ski hotel, some need to sleep and recover.
    So you bring a screaming baby?

    • Sammantha Fulford

      Yes Robert i am sure the parents had no clue that there baby was crying and if the note writer had made it aware to the parents then the baby would have stopped crying. did you think about the towns that are just one big ski resort there is plenty of things to do as a family in places like that and i am sure the parents didn’t intend to be up all night ether but as a mom i am the first to say that some times it happens the person who wrote this note could have vary quickly just asked to move rooms.

    • Sandy Stewart Clayton

      I agree with the note writer too! Young parents are so inconsiderate today. They let their kids disrupt other people all the time—-in restaurants and public places–and feel it should be “tolerated”. In my day, you did not take your child where they could disrupt others and if you had no choice, you immediately removed your disruptive child from the situation so as not to disrupt others. There were many times, when one of our boys (too young to know better) were removed because they started crying or something—my spouse and I would leave the restaurant. Because we were on such a tight budget back then, there were times when we would rotate taking the child to the car so we could finish our meal —but not disrupt others!!!

      • Beth Walker

        “Bless the well behaved children” ?? Seriously, it was an infant that was crying- not a 10 year old. Get over yourself. I hope you do not have children because I can only imagine the type of parent you were. I don’t think “young” parents are the problem, I think old grouchy hags that somehow forget that babies cry at inconvienent times is the problem. If you want a kid free vacation, go to a sandals resort.

  • Keven Kuzara

    It’s a Hotel? Just because it’s located at a ski resort don’t mean they are there to ski. Maybe it’s just a getaway from the daily grind of the city. I have stayed at ski resort hotels in the past, and I don’t ski, but i enjoy the scenery of the resort and the amenities they offer. The Not writer is the selfish one. If it was such an issue, why didn’t they go to the front desk and let them know, maybe they could have switched their rooms or contacted the family with the baby. Get over it. You are the one being selfish by saying they have no right to have their child with them on a weekend getaway.

    • Sandy Stewart Clayton

      The other customers paid as much as you did! Why should they be exposed to your screaming child/baby??? You young parents have no consideration for others. There are times and places to take babies and toddlers without exposing others to commotion that you feel is acceptable! Real sad!! I am totally for family and non-family sections of hotels and restaurants today— because of the rudeness of the young parents today!!

  • Debby May Tangblade

    Why didn’t they ask for a room change? Why didn’t they bring ear plugs if their sleep is so light.. I understand you pay good money for these rooms and vacation but the baby has a right of way in my opinion. If a person doesn’t have the “nerves” and “patience” to listen to a crying baby and get a night or two lack of sleep, I feel sorry for them. Bless the children.

  • Pam Aarsleff

    I feel the same way they should have asked for a room change. The baby is a baby and they cry . Too bad for the couple that didn’t like being disturbed most likely they are the same ones that come into thier room drunk and are loud and noisy. Not caring that they are bothering someone next door. Maybe we all should write nasty little notes to people that disturb us . It would be a sad world just deal with it or get another room stop being rude and complaining.

  • Nellie Swale

    The hotel staff are there for a reason–Debbie is right–pick up your phone by the bed, call the d
    esk and let them do their job. Ten to one they could’ve moved the crying baby closer to the desk and/elevator where the noise wouldn’t have been such an issue.. Problem solved and you might have gotten a free breakfast or something else nice.

  • Angel (@acarter42)

    When you stay at a hotel you take a chance of being woken up or disturbed by other people staying there. If you’re not willing to take that chance don’t stay there. They have a right to be there with their baby just like everyone else has a right to be there. Like others said they could have simply asked to switch rooms or hell maybe the front desk would have ear plugs. Telling someone they shouldn’t bring their child with them to hotel is rude. What’s next we’re not going to be allowed to bring children to restaurants? Get over people kids make noise! We were all once children at one time and guess what I’m sure you made noise.

  • Ann Marchman

    I think It’s funny how people are saying to move the baby somewhere else,obviously they don’t have kids! why are we blaming an innocent baby for crying, it is not the baby or the parents fault! move the ignorant people that have a problem with it! the hotel sure does have a job and it’s to move people that complain, if you don’t like it leave!

  • Alison Webb

    Next time don’t leave a note – call the front desk so they can work to quickly rectify the situation. They deal with it all the time. They typically either change rooms of one of the party’s, offer a free or reduced night’s stay, free or reduced room service, tickets, etc.

  • Randisue Floresfonseca

    I have 4 children and I agree with the note writer. But with that being said the couple should have called the front desk. Side note too.. Pounding on the wall would make the couple just as disrespectful as the couple with the crying baby.

  • Alaska Grisco

    I agree with the note writer. Even if you’re not at the resort to ski the baby isn’t going to remember the trip. They should have left the baby at home to prevent the stress of themselves and everyone around them.

  • Susan Harding

    Team Notewriter!!! Disrespectful Parents~ Baby probably wanted to be in its own home and crib not at some Ski Resort with its selfish parents~ obviously he/she wasn’t happy~

  • BGT (@BGTogether)

    On the side of notewriter mostly. Ski resorts are not for babies… different if someplace on the road and they were traveling and were taking jr to see grandma. But having saved and planned for a special trip for a year and listen to that everynight… I think I would have been calling and complaining.

    • Tommy Michaels

      exactly the point. Stop being a coward and either knock on the door and deal with the situation or call the front desk and have them do their jobs. Writing a note and whining about it certainly isn’t going to fix the situation now is it?

  • Dannie Mae

    This is irritating! Reading some of these ignorant comments. It has nothing to do with young parents. Babies cry, even with older parents, sometimes more than we want them to. Big deal, they can’t talk and tell us what is wrong! That is whats wrong with the world today too many rude, selfish people. Don’t like kids, then find a place they are not allowed and go there. If someone blamed my baby for crying I would rip them a new one. They paid money to be there just like you so get over it. Next time find somewhere else to sleep! Obviously the place does not have a NO KID policy. The issue could have been resolved by asking if they could have a different room. RUDE!!!!!!

  • justliving4u

    Colorado’s economy is greatly reliant on the tourist industry. That being acknowledged, I would prefer hateful individuals such as the one who wrote the note would do all of us Coloradans a favor and take their hateful spirits somewhere else. How can you find yourself with such an ill minded attitude after having the opportunity for an entire day to lose yourself in all the beauty colorado landscape provides? That beauty should be enough to revive your tranquility. If that didn’t have any affect on the person writing the note then it seems their minds are so incredibly disillusioned that nothing, even a peaceful nights rest could ever render them the tranquility they so desire.

  • Kelly Lynn Brooks-George

    I don’t think the baby should have been there. Parents need to be parents not running around taking inappropriate vacations. Same thing goes with infants in R rated movies etc. For goodness sakes no one wants to be a parent anymore but that doesn’t seem to stop them from procreating.

  • Devon Malonson

    Have any of you actually been to a Colorado ski resort? There are babies everywhere, in the hotels, in the condos , oh and the ones that live here ALL the time. My kids have been skiing from the time they were very young, so all the comments that babies don’t belong are ignorant.

  • Judy Soda

    When you book a room you have options – ask for a room far from other occupied rooms; ask for a room that is not next to a room with children. Or, as some suggested, look for a hotel/motel that doesn’t allow children. Sometimes we request top floors so we don’t have to deal with children running and jumping above us. You have options, people, use them. Or simple book yourselves into individual condos or suchlike where you have more insulation or separation. Quit whining and get on with your lives, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  • Danielle DeNoble

    The mom with the baby might have been nursing too and couldn’t just leave it with a “nanny or family.” Some moms can’t pump either. Some babies refuse bottles too. Other mothers just simply aren’t ready to leave their young babies with anyone. Did this writer stop to consider any of those things? Of course not, because the world has to evolve around them.

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