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New Boulder leash regulations rankle dog owners

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BOULDER, Colo. -- The Boulder City Council approved new dog leash rules Wednesday night, and some current permit holders are none too happy about it.

The new rules would require dog owners to apply for a “green tag” permit if they want to walk their pets on open space without a leash, the Daily Camera reported. The permits require an application process and a special class on controlling pets – and thousands of people who already have a green tag will need to reapply for the new one.

The new permits range from $13 for Boulder residents to $75 for non-Boulder County residents.

Dog owners at the meeting used terms such as “gross overreach” to describe the new rules.

"Unruly children can run far ahead of their families and nothing happens, but your dog goes around a bend and you call once and he doesn't come, and you're out?” Eileen Monyok told the Daily Camera.

Violations can result in fines up to $300. Some offenses, such as a dog endangering wildlife or behaving aggressively, could result in suspension after one conviction, though dog owners could demonstrate they have their dog under adequate control and have their privileges restored, according to the paper.

Read the full story at the Daily Camera.



  • coloradocommish

    Did someone in Boulder, really use the term….“gross overreach” ?!?…. There may be hope for Boulder yet.

  • Snarky Cosmos

    I’m not a pet owner; but this stinks of more People’s Republic of Boulder revenue enhancement and people control.

    I avoid Boulder as much as possible; but on those extremely rare occasions I have to go to the PRB that as soon as I get home I take a shower to wash off the Kumbaya Cooties so I won’t become a Tofu Warrior that drives a Subaru.

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