Judge denies defense’s DNA request in deaths of Shanann Watts, daughters
Latest updates: Homicides of Shanann Watts, daughters

Congrats to the winner of our red carpet premiere of ‘Noah’ New York trip

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  • Valerie Rife

    I keep entering because I don’t know if I’m entered or not. So please don’t disqualify me for entering again. I have a friend in NY that I have never met so this would be an opportunity to see NY for the first time and meet my friend.

  • Danielle Deherrera

    Me and my husband could really use some good news right now!! Our 5year old son just get released from the hospital on Sunday. He had pneumonia and 1.2 liters of fluid on the outside of his left lung. The fluid had build up so much It was starting to collape his left lung, and moving his heart over. We are so proud of him, he was so strong and brave. He didn’t even cry or complain. He also had surgery 24 hours he arrived at the hospita. We are so blessed to have such great kids! After our last two weeks we could really use a break, lol.

  • Suzanne Jakeman

    I would like to send my two daughter Bianca 31 and Tiffany 29, they are very special and wonderful young ladies who any mother would be very proud of. Bianca is an air traffic controller in the USAF and has served in Iraq. Tiff is a manager at Colorado Golf and Turf in Denver who was diagnosed with ms Dec 26th 2012. Dec 26 2013 she flew to Mn where her step mother was dying of ms, it ws an emergency call. Bianca was there spending Chirtmas, their step mother had come out of the home for Christmas. Two day after my daughters arrival she died.TBoth of my children stayed with their dad to help with everything and support him.It is a long story but they wanted her to look beautiful as she was before she got really sick. They picked one of her favorite dresses and my youngest who is awesome with makeup did her makeup to make her look like she used to. I am so proud of them, I would like their next visit together to be joyful, they deserve it. Not only have they been handling that, for a while now I have been in and out of hospital with seizures which my youngest has witnessed. They both deserve a break, this is not for me but my girls thank you.

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